10 Brilliant Uses For Plastic Gum Containers

August 28th, 2018

I don’t know about you but when I buy gum, I buy the kind of gum that comes in those plastic containers. That’s because it stays in one place and is less likely to end up sticky and at the bottom of my purse.

It also prevents gum from getting stale.

Most of us assume that those plastic containers are a one-time use item. But they aren’t if you get creative. There are lots of ways to repurpose plastic and even cardboard gum containers.

Here Are 10 Brilliant Uses For Plastic Gum Containers:

1) Business Card Holder

If you network a lot that means you end up with a lot of business cards. And that means that they can end up in a messy pile in your drawer or purse. You can organize them in one of those Orbitz cardboard gum containers.

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2) Container For Sharp Items

Leaving sharp items like push pins and screws loose in your drawers can be dangerous. Plastic gum containers are perfect for storing tiny sharp things. The hard plastic will keep the sharp points from poking you.

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3) Travel Toiletries

Don’t buy travel size items. Just use what you have in your home and store small quantities of things like Q-Tips and facial pads in your gum container. They’ll stay protected from moisture and offer a generous amount of space.

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4) Office Supply Organization Caddy

Your desk drawers can become quickly overwhelmed if you don’t keep your supplies organized. Use a gum container to hold your sticky notes, sticky tabs, paper clips, and glue sticks. You can also rip the top off and decorate it if you want to keep on your desk and put pens in it.

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5) Portable Snack Container

Need a snack on the go? Pour some from a large bag into a washed out gum container. Now you can take your snack with you wherever you go.

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6) Car Change Holder

Money is dirty. And if you leave your change lying around your car, your car will get dirty. Keep your dirty car change in a gum container.

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7) Tiny Purse Wallet

If you’re going out and switching to a tiny purse or wristlet, you’re not going to be able to fit your regular wallet in it. And some of those small bags don’t have zipper pouches to keep your valuables safe. Use a cardboard Orbitz gum container to hold your ID, cash, and credit cards.

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8) Glitter Container

Once glitter spills, it’s really hard to get up. That’s why it’s important to store it properly. Glitter can sometimes come in bags when you buy it in bulk. Instead, store it in a gum container. It will allow you to sprinkle it easily.

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9) Car Change Container

Never toss your car charger in a purse, pocket, or any kind of bag without protection. You’re just asking for it to break. Keeping it coiled in a gum container will make sure that doesn’t happen.

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10) Seed Keepers

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Seeds often come in those paper containers that can’t be sealed up. That means your seeds can fall out if you’re not planting them all at once. Use small gum containers or Tic Tac containers to hold them.

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