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10 Nifty Organization Projects For Every Room

December 12th, 2018

If you need to organize but don’t have a lot of ready cash, you might encounter some difficulty. Ideally, you want to be able to organize your home, office, or classroom with the least amount of expense. Fortunately, you can find many organization ideas online that are free or cost next to nothing.

Organization is key when you don’t have a lot of room, which makes these hacks great for people short on cash who live in a small apartment or work in a classroom or office.

Flip-Flop Organizer

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This organization hack from Epbot can help you easily store your flip-flops. All you need are wire hangers, wire cutters, and a pair of pliers. Snip the bottom of the hanger off, and roll the ends to create a hanger on each side for each flip-flop in a pair. Then, hang the flip-flops on the hanger in the closet.

Cord Organizer

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Our Thrifty Ideas Source: Our Thrifty Ideas

If you have a bunch of different cords to organize, use this hack. Roll the cords up, and slide them into leftover toilet paper rolls. Then you can write what each cord is for on the outside of the roll before storing. Store the rolls in a drawer or box for easy access.

Egg Carton Sewing Kit

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Tiny Home Tour Source: Tiny Home Tour

Easily organize your sewing supplies using an egg carton. You can keep your buttons, pins, and other sewing items in the dips of the carton. You can also turn the top part of the egg carton into a pin cushion. Find more on this great project at Better Homes & Gardens.

Bathroom Organization

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Just a Girl and Her Blog Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

Just a Girl and Her Blog gives some great ideas for bathroom organization using nothing more than a diaper box, envelope box, and some storage bins. The blogger decorates a diaper box and uses it to hide the pipes under the sink, while she organizes smaller items using a decorated envelope box. She places larger items into a storage container decorated with duct tape on the other side of the sink.

Classroom Organizer

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Clutter-Free Classroom Source: Clutter-Free Classroom

Create a classroom organizer using toilet paper rolls and a shoe box. Fill the shoe box with the toilet paper rolls. Then, place colored markers, pens, and other objects into the rolls. You can use this idea for the office as well. Decorate the shoebox to create a more aesthetic look. Find out more at Clutter-Free Classroom.

Dry Erase Menu Board

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Make and Takes Source: Make and Takes

Create a dry erase board using a picture frame (with glass) and some scrapbook paper. Place the scrapbook paper behind the glass, and use a dry erase marker to write various reminders and other information on the glass. If needed, erase the board using a clean cloth or a paper towel.

Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Box

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Tiny Home Tour Source: Tiny Home Tour

This idea allows you to store your jewelry in an ice cube tray. Simply place four ice cube trays in a two-drawer letterbox. Then, put your items of jewelry into the individual cubes according to type. You can also stack individual ice cube trays in an empty drawer and keep your jewelry there.

Chore Organizer

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My Name is Snickerdoodle Source: My Name is Snickerdoodle

To create a chore organizer, take a piece of 6- by 12-inch cardstock and cut 2- by 2-inch strips along the bottom so that you have six separate flaps. Glue pictures representing each chore to the top of the card stock over each corresponding flap, and then write the name of the chore on the flap.

Glue a magnetic strip over each picture and another to the bottom of each strip. Write Done on the back side of the strips. Then, when the chore is done, flip the strip up so that the bottom magnet sticks to the top magnet so that the word Done is visible.

Soup Can Organizer

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Transport Topics Source: Transport Topics

If you like to eat a lot of canned soup, then use this organization hack to keep your cans better organized. Take an empty cardboard soda can container. The soup can should easily fit into the container. Now, you can store the soup cans in your pantry or cabinet while still having easy access to them.

Cereal Box Drawer Organizer

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iHeart Organizing Source: iHeart Organizing

You can use old cereal boxes to create organizers for your drawers. Start by placing the empty cereal boxes into the drawer you want to use and marking the height of the drawer. Next, cut the boxes down using a pair of scissors. Finally, decorate the boxes before placing them back in the drawer.

Source: Tiny Home Tour