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10 DIY Uses For Chicken Wire

February 8th, 2018

Chicken wire might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to decorating your home – but it should be! If farmhouse, rustic, and vintage decor is something you’re into – keep reading.

Chicken wire isn’t only versatile, but it’s also extremely affordable. The flexible, patterned metal is normally used to help enclose chickens in their pens, but as it turns out – it’s also great for crafts, garden projects, and home decor.

These 10 DIY craft ideas will have you looking at chicken wire in a whole new light.

Who doesn’t love redecorating their home on a budget? Brilliant!

1. Repurpose vintage picture frames

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A Subtle Revelry Source: A Subtle Revelry

Paint some old frames bright colors and use a staple gun to secure chicken wire on the back of the frame. Use clothespins or ribbons to attach notes, pictures, or other small pieces of art. A Subtle Revelry has additional details.

2. Create a hanging wall sconce

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Tried and True Source: Tried and True

Nothing is better than fresh flowers in and around the home. What’s even more rewarding is when you’ve crafted a flower arrangement all by yourself. Head over to the Tried and True blog to find out how to make these gorgeous, and super easy, hanging floral sconces.

3. Make a jewelry hanger

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Consumer Crafts Source: Consumer Crafts

Instead of placing your earrings in a bowl or dish where they become mismatched, tangled, and lost – make a fun earring display with chicken wire instead. Find an old, small window frame, paint it the color of your choice, and secure chicken wire behind it. Voila! Your vanity just got a lovely upgrade.

4. Use an old jar to make beautiful utensil holders

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Happy At Home Source: Happy At Home

Have old mason jars lying around? Wrap chicken wire around them to create a gorgeous, simple utensil holder. Perfect for adding a rustic touch to your kitchen.

5. Build a chicken wire basket

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Use chicken wire to make a basket! Your handmade creation could be used as a fruit holder, wastebasket, toy basket, or whatever else your creative mind comes up with! Watch this tutorial on wire basket making here.

6. Make 3D decor pieces

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Gypsy Purple Home Source: Gypsy Purple Home

Create unique 3-dimensional pieces of decor by using two pieces of chicken wire and ‘stuffing’ with things like pine cones, fabric, or river stones. Talk about a conversation starter.

7. Rustic chicken wire candle cloche

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Thistlewood Farms Source: Thistlewood Farms

For just around a $1, you can make your own beautiful cloche. Visit the wonderful Thistlewood Farms blog to find out how to make this stunning and simple piece of decor. And seriously? $1?!

8. ‘Distress’ your furniture

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Sweet Pickins Furniture Source: Sweet Pickins Furniture

Sweet Pickins Furniture has a tutorial to help you easily transform your furniture into a rustic, farmhouse masterpiece. Replace glass with chicken wire and it’s a gorgeous addition to your country-inspired kitchen or dining room.

9. Mount a magazine rack

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Saving4Six Source: Saving4Six

This unbelievably easy DIY craft that is super inexpensive to make. And guess what? Pottery Barn sold some that look just like it. Just head over to Saving 4 Six blog for this awesome chicken wire project that costs just $4.

10. Spruce up your garden or yard with chicken wire animals

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eHow Source: eHow

Make a beautiful dragonfly, butterfly, or cute animals sculpture as a unique garden accent or to add some character to your front yard. eHow has a great tutorial to show you how.

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