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10 Creative Uses For Planters And Flower Pots

August 1st, 2018

We love having planters and flowers pots around our home to bring in lots of greenery and beauty to indoor and outdoor spaces.

But there are lots of creative ways to use your pretty planters that don’t involve putting plants in them.

Here Are 10 Creative Uses For Garden Planters And Flower Pots:

1) Use It Poolside For Towels

Need an inexpensive way to store your pool towels? Use a planter. It will keep them nice and neat. It also won’t look like a cheap container on your pool deck.

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Ballard Designs Source: Ballard Designs

2) S’mores Grill

You don’t need a barbecue to make S’mores. You can pop some charcoal into a large or small terra cotta planter and enjoy a patio potluck. Get all the details on how to do it here.

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

3) Beverage Cooler

Instead of using an unsightly tub to house your beverages and ice, use a planter. It looks a lot nicer. It’s also portable so you can bring it poolside or near the grill.

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Ballard Designs Source: Ballard Designs

4) Bathroom Organizers

Paint some flowers pots so they match your bathroom decor. Fill them with Q-tips, cotton balls, and other items. They will look nice, match your bathroom, and keep it organized.

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Midwest Living Source: Midwest Living

5) Side Table

This idea is brilliant! If you have a planter that you’re absolutely in love with, toss a glass top or wooden piece over it. It can be turned into an instant table.

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Ballard Designs Source: Ballard Designs

6) Beverage Drink Dispenser Stand

If you don’t have a stand for these things you have to hang them off the side of the table and that’s just asking for an accident. Instead, make a beverage dispenser stand from a flower pot and saucer. Glue the upsidedown saucer to the bottom of the planter and place your dispenser on top of it.

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Refresh Restyle Source: Refresh Restyle

7) House Numbers

Want your house numbers to stand out? Use some garden planters. Place one number on each planter and really make your house numbers stand out. Or several numbers on one planter. You can put flowers in it or place lights inside of it.

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Not On The High Street Source: Not On The High Street

8) Condiment Station

Keep your condiments, napkins, and utensils neat and in one place with flower pots. It’s a lot nicer than tossing them on the table. You can also paint or decorate them so they’ll be festive looking.

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Somewhat Simple Source: Somewhat Simple

9) Clay Pot Smoker

Why but an expensive smoker when you can make one from a clay pot. You can cook an entire chicken on this thing. Learn how to make one here.

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Diply Source: Diply

10) Mini Fire Pit

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The Blue Eye Dove Source: The Blue Eye Dove

Flower pot fire pits are the prettiest fire pits. Fill one with rocks, and a chafing fuel container. Get all the details here.

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