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10 Simple Ways To Make Your House Smell Great

June 12th, 2018

Keeping your home smelling great can help improve your mood. Plus, having a pleasant-smelling house is also important when you have family or friends over. Use these simple hacks to keep your home smelling fresh all of the time.

Use a Scent Booster

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An easy way to freshen your house is to place laundry pellets in a candle warmer. Keep in mind that the laundry pellets contain chemicals, so you might opt for essential oils instead. If you do decide to use laundry pellets, just light a candle to warm the pellets for an all-day good smell.

Use Everyday Ingredients

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Use everyday ingredients straight from your kitchen to give your house a refreshing smell. Just place them into some water and simmer them throughout the day, making sure to top off the water if it gets too low. Some nice-smelling ingredients include lemon and orange slices, ginger, and spices from your cabinet.

Use a DIY Recipe

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You can also make a DIY recipe to get rid of offensive odors in your home. All you need to do is mix Borax, baking soda, and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. Just sprinkle the mixture over your carpet and allow it to sit for an hour. Even after you vacuum it up, the refreshing scent remains.

Use a Dryer Sheet

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Another easy way to make your home smell great is to attach a dryer sheet to a box fan or outside of your AC unit. Avoid covering the whole area, or your fan or AC unit could overheat. You can use either fresh dryer sheets or used.

Bake Something

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Bake something in the over. Cookies, brownies, and other treats put out a delicious odor while baking. The best part is eating the results from your efforts. You can even buy candles made to smell like your favorite baked goods for a healthier alternative.

Use Vanilla Extract

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Baking vanilla extract at 300 degrees in a baking dish in the over is another easy way to make your home smell great. Just make sure not to forget about it or leave the dish in the oven too long.

Use Essential Oils

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Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on the air filter in your HVAC unit. This ensures that the smell of the oil circulates fully throughout your home and should last for a few weeks at least. For longer-lasting scent, use higher-quality oils. You can even mix and match oils for a unique scent.

Use Coffee Beans

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Place vanilla coffee beans in a jar with a tea light inside to fill your home with the scent of vanilla coffee. The heat from the candle warms up the beans, releasing their scent into the air. And best of all, using a tea light candle is safe and it will go out on its own.

Using a Crock-Pot

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Fill a small Crock-Pot with water and three tablespoons of baking soda. Turn the Crock-Pot on low and leave the lid off. On its own, the baking soda soaks up unpleasant odors in your home. Add essential oil, potpourri, or spices such as cinnamon to the mixture to turn it into an air freshener as well.

Use a Car Air Freshener

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Buy an air freshener that they make for cars. Then, clip the air freshener to a vent in your home. As the air blows through the freshener, it should release its scent into your home, just like it does in the car. You can even make your own by applying a few drops of essential oil to a clothespin and attaching it to your vent.

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