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10 Surprising Household Items That Will Make Plants Grow

July 31st, 2018

If you are trying to grow plants indoors, you may be wondering what you can do to make them bigger and healthier. You don’t have to waste a bunch of money on expensive gardening products that may actually do more harm than good. You can just use some things you probably already have lying around your home. Here are a few household items that can help you grow bigger and healthier plants.

White Vinegar

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White vinegar is very acidic, so it works well as plant food. Mix a teaspoon of vinegar mixed with a gallon of water and use it as food for plants like hydrangeas and roses. Remember to check the PH before and during use to avoid making it too low.

Banana Peels

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Who doesn’t love bananas? If you eat them or use them in recipes, you probably just toss out your peels. Instead, start using them as food for your indoor plants. The peels break down easily and help the plants absorb essential nutrients.


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You may not have any hair lying around your home, but if you are planning to get a haircut, you can save your trimmings and put them in the soil with your plants. Hair contains a lot of magnesium, and that makes it a great natural fertilizer for plants.

Green Tea

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Green tea leaves contain a lot of iron. When you finish making your tea, don’t toss out those leaves. Put them in the soil with your plants. The plants will absorb the nutrients and grow taller and healthier. Your plants will also be able to fight off parasites and diseases better.


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Eggshells contain a lot of calcium. When they are put in the soil with the plants, they can help the plants grow much stronger. Just save your eggshells and crush them up before burying them or sprinkling them on top of the dirt. To make them even more potent, soak them in vinegar overnight before applying them to the plants.

Fireplace Ashes

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Ashes contain a lot of carbon and potassium, and your plants need both of these nutrients to grow strong. Simply collect some ashes from your fireplace and sprinkle them in with the dirt. The plants will absorb the nutrients through the soil. A little goes a long way, so you don’t need to save a lot of ashes each time. Just keep some in a baggy and use it when you need it.

Coconut Powder

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Coconut is tasty and can be used for many different things. Did you ever think about using it for healthier plants? Simply add a tablespoon of coconut powder to a gallon of water and apply it to the plants daily. They will look amazing.


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Coffee picks you up in the morning and makes you feel great, and it can do the same for your plants. Coffee grounds make great fertilizer. They have antioxidants, potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. Always let the grounds dry before adding them to the soil to avoid fungus growth.

Potato Water

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When you boil potatoes, you probably just toss out the water. You should use it to water plants instead. It has a lot of nutrients that the plants can absorb. Just make sure you don’t add salt to the water if you intend on using it on your plants. This is a fantastic way to use something you would normally just throw out anyway.


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You probably keep a few boxes of matches in your home in case of emergencies, but you may want to consider stocking up on them, so you can use them for your plants, too. Matches have a lot of magnesium, and your plants need it. Soak or dissolve the matches into the water, and then pour the water on the plants. The matches will release the nutrients into the water as they dissolve, and the plants will soak it up.

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