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10 Awesome Things You Can Do With A Shoe Caddy

August 23rd, 2018

Shoe caddies are great for organizing our shoes. And they are fairly inexpensive. You can even find some at the dollar store sometimes.

Which is great because there are actually lots of cool things you can do with shoe caddies. They can provide excellent storage all through your home for lots of things other than shoes.

Here Are 10 Awesome Things You Can Do With Shoe Caddies:

1) Craft Storage

Our craft drawers can get pretty messy, pretty easily. It’s also really helpful to see what supplies you have to help you envision what your craft project will look like. Use a clear shoe caddy to store your craft supplies.

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2) Hair Supplies

Using a shoe caddy to organize your hair supplies can make doing your hair go a lot faster since everything is so easily accessible. Use it to store your brushes, hair products, and styling tools. Just make sure your heated tools are cooled off before you toss them in the caddy.

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3) Makeup Storage

Digging through bags and boxes of makeup can be a pain. Placing your makeup in a shoe makes it easily accessible and allows you to see what you have. It’s best to use a clear one for this hack as well.

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4) Important Paper Organizer

Filing cabinets take up a lot of space. Shoe caddies don’t. A shoe caddy is a great way to organize mail, bills, and receipts in your home or office.

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5) Organize Cleaning Supplies

Trim down a shoe caddy and hang it on the inside of your sink’s cabinet door. Use it to store solutions and supplies like your spray bottles and sponges. If it starts to get dirty you can easily replace it. Get details about this project here.

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Imperfect Homemaking Source: Imperfect Homemaking

6) Fruits and Veggie Organizer

There are some fruits and vegetables that shouldn’t be placed in the refrigerator. Instead of storing them in bowls on the countertop, place them in a shoe caddy hung from your pantry door. It will take up a lot less space.

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Eager Little Mind Source: Eager Little Mind

7) Nursery Organizer

If you have a baby, you likely have your hands full. Using a shoe caddy can help you to grab something with your free hand. It can fit clothes, diapers, wipes, towels, onesies, and more.

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8) Organize Toys

You can turn toy clean up into a game with a shoe caddy. Tell your kids they have to find the spot for the superheroes and put them all together. If that fails, you still have an easy way to organize toys.

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Organize Your Stuff Now Source: Organize Your Stuff Now

9) Pantry Organizing

Need some extra storage in your pantry? Use a shoe caddy. You can store those small items that can get kicked around and lost.

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Organized Chaos Online Source: Organized Chaos Online

10) Herb Garden

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Animals can easily destroy your herb garden. Keep it up high and away from them with a shoe organizer. You can find out how to turn one into an herb garden here.

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