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10 Simple And Amazing Uses For White Vinegar

April 12th, 2018

We’ve probably all heard that vinegar is an incredibly strong and versatile product, but what exactly can we do with the sour liquid? It turns out that vinegar – usually made out of corn or apples – has a number of benefits and nifty uses in the household that are both simple and amazing.

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We’ve gathered some great uses for vinegar below, and after reading these you’ll definitely always want to have a bottle at home.

1) Disinfectant for fridges and microwaves

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It’s no secret that refrigerators and microwaves can get incredibly dirty, but it’s not a good idea to spray all sorts of chemicals into them for cleaning purposes either. After all – it’s best not to have any chemicals come into contact with your food. Luckily, vinegar is just perfect and natural. Use a 1/4 vinegar and 3/4 hot water solution in a spray can. The highly acidic liquid will serve as a disinfectant and will get rid of odors as well.

2) Windshield protection against frost

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After a frosty evening, scraping frost from a car’s windshield is just almost inevitable. However, this vinegar mix will do its best to prevent the forming of it. This time, use a 75% vinegar and 25% water mix and spray it on your windows if you’re anticipating frost.

3) Natural weed killer

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Did you know that you can use vinegar as a natural weed killer? The acidic nature will make sure that weeds have no chance of surviving. Use a spray bottle, but don’t dilute with water this time. Instead, add a hefty amount of dish soap to increase the mixture’s effectiveness. Spray on weeds during the day.

4) Getting rid of deodorant stains

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Unfortunately, one of the side effects of most deodorants is the forming of noticeable armpit stains. It’s the result of a chemical reaction with bacteria and also hard to remove. A baking soda and vinegar mix can do wonders, however. Mix the ingredients until you get a rather thick paste, and rub with a lemon. Wash after a couple of minutes and the stains will be gone.

5) Cleaning your sponges

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Even though they’re used for cleaning purposes, sponges actually hold a surprising amount of bacteria. Luckily, there’s a nifty trick you can use to disinfect them. After soaking them in water, grab a tablespoon of vinegar and pour it right on top. Next, place the sponge into the microwave for about two minutes on a moderate to high setting.

6) Rinsing your hair

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Due to its acidic nature, vinegar has a low pH value. You can actually use small amounts of vinegar to restore the pH value of your hair and make it both smoother and shinier. It doesn’t matter if you use regular white vinegar or apple cider vinegar, although the latter does have a little bit more extra nutrients.

Use a mix of two to three tablespoons with 16 ounces of cold water. You can either use a spray or just pour it over wet hair, but remember to rinse thoroughly with water after a few minutes.

7) Getting rid of coffee stains

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If there’s one thing that can be incredibly annoying to clean, it’s coffee stains. Whether it’s on a table or inside cups and mugs, they’re not exactly a sight to behold. Luckily, a baking soda and vinegar paste will do the trick here as well. Use some paste on the stains, and clean after a couple of minutes.

8) Unclogging a sink

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If there’s one absolute ‘power couple’ in the household, it’s vinegar and baking soda. Clogged drains and sinks are a complete pain to get rid of, and although you can use specialized products, they are quite expensive and usually ecologically harmful.

Try this first: pour half a cup of baking soda down, and add another half cup of vinegar. It’s important to cover up the drain with something so that the liquid doesn’t evaporate and escape. After a few minutes, pour boiling water down the drain. The mixture should’ve taken care of the clogs and you’ll be able to use the drain again in no time.

9) Cleaning fruits and vegetables

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When fruits and vegetables are being transported for sale, they’re coated with a chemical layer that will keep them fresh longer. The chemicals aren’t harmful, but we can imagine that it’s not something you’d like to have on your produce. An equal vinegar and water mix will get rid of these chemicals and will still keep your food fresh longer. Rinse with water after using the mix.

10) An all-purpose cleaner

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The last entry on our list is also the simplest: just use vinegar as a powerful all-purpose cleaner instead of using expensive cleaning products. Equip your spray bottle with an equal mix of water and vinegar, and add at least 20 drops of essential oil to the mixture as well. You’ll be surprised how effective this natural cleaner is!

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