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10 Ways To Use Bamboo Creatively In Your Garden
Jenny Brown

For many years, bamboo has been used in areas such as medicine, cuisine, and construction due to its lightweight yet rigid composition and various nutrients. Bamboo grows and regenerates quickly and can reach heights of up to thirty feet in its natural habitat. This exquisite plant can make a great addition to spruce up your garden, whether you seek to plant it or create objects from bamboo stakes. Below are a few ideas to help improve your garden with some simple bamboo projects.

Flower frames

If you find your gardening space is limited, try these artistic DIY bamboo frames, made easily with bamboo pieces and gardening twine, or any other sturdy tying mechanism. Bamboo, like wood, is a natural composite material that is durable and strong, making it a great selection for framing purposes. You can find bamboo in a variety of sizes online or at hardware stores and nurseries.


You can also make a trellis of any size to save space and add décor to your garden walls, and to comfortably nest long plants and vegetables. Note that nails and screws often split bamboo stakes, so be sure to opt for twine or wire. When tying stakes together, make sure they are fastened tightly.

Small Fence

Place bamboo tubes together create a striking fence like the one pictured below. You can use stones or pebbles as tidier alternatives to soil for this project.


This can also be done for smaller balcony gardens.


Aesthetic vases

You can also add bamboo poles to any vase and plant for a minimalist touch to your garden.


A vase filled with bamboo is just as appealing, too.


Not only can you add bamboo to a vase, but you can create a vase from bamboo as well! Large bamboo pieces such as the ones below can be filled with potting soil to create charming vases and containers for your other plants.

Water fountain

Older, hollow bamboo is perfect for creating your own decorative fountain. Simply find a container you’d like to use and add stones, pebbles, or other decorations as you please. Use small hoses and a pump to circulate water in your fountain. You can find all these items online or at your local hardware store.

You can tie the bamboo together with thin bamboo strips, as seen below.


Wind chimes

What better way to care for your garden than to do so while listening to the sounds of nature itself? Create your own wind chimes out of bamboo to listen to soothing sounds while you spend time outside.


Do you know other fun ways to add bamboo to your garden? Let us know in the comments!

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