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11 incredibly smart ways to use Downy Unstoppables around the house

November 21st, 2019

Downy Unstoppables were created to keep laundry smelling fresh for longer. However, some very creative people have taken it a step further and found multiples uses for the scented beads that you can use around the house.

Here are the best ideas so far:

#1 Create your very own air freshener

Take a small jar and poke holes in the lid. Add about a spoonful of the scented beads and seal the jar tight. Place it in a warm or sunny area so the beads are activated and it will keep the area smelling fresh.

#2 Reduce the smell of kitty litter

We love our cats, but we can’t really say the same for the smell of kitty litter. In addition to your usual smell-fighting products, add some Downy Unstopables to the fresh litter the next time you refill the litter box. It will keep odors at bay for longer than you might expect.

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#3 Make vacuuming smell as clean as it looks

Refresh your vacuum by sprinkling some Downy Unstoppables on the carpet before you begin cleaning. It will fill the air with the scent as you vacuum and will also reduce any old or musty odors inside of the vacuum cleaner.

#4 Be done with kitchen garbage smells

Take a small ziplock and fill it with a spoonful of the scented beads. All you have to do after that is poke a few holes in the bag and put it at the bottom of your kitchen garbage can. It will absorb and cover up any unpleasant scents before they have a chance to escape into your kitchen.

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#5 Get an amazing smelling garbage disposal

Do you end up with some funky smells emanating from the garbage disposal? Throw a spoonful of the beads down the drain, run some hot water, and turn on the disposal. Your disposal will smell better than when you first got it.

#6 Always have fresh smelling clothes

Put some of the Unstoppables in a cloth bag and place it in a drawer or hang it in a closet. Your clothes will continue to smell like they just came out of the dryer, even if they’ve really just been sitting there for a few seasons. Don’t worry. We won’t let anyone know what your secret is.

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#7 Have carpets that smell incredible

Do your carpets smell less than fresh no matter what you do? Mix Unstoppables with baking soda and sprinkles the mix over your carpet. Wait an hour and then vacuum it up. Your carpet will smell even better than when it was new.

#8 Eliminate shoe odors

Drop some Unstoppables into smelly sneakers overnight. Empty them in the morning, and you will have shoes that are ready to be worn again, without the chance of any embarrassing odors.

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ScottRHaen via Flickr Source: ScottRHaen via Flickr

#9 Create your own potpourri

Find a nice looking decorative bowl, add a little water and mix in the Unstoppable beads. It will look nice and smell amazing. Put the bowl somewhere warm to keep the scent going for longer.

#10 Give your homemade laundry detergent that fresh linens smell

If you make your own laundry detergent but it’s missing that perfect scent, here is a great cost-saving solution. Mix Unstoppables beads with a little hot water until they dissolve and then add them to your detergent.

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#11 Get rid of odors in the car

Has your car lost that new-car scent? Give it a better one with Unstoppables. Place them in a small cloth bag and hang it over one of the air vents. Your car will smell better than ever, and the scent will last much longer than any car freshener can promise.

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