10+ old items around the house you can upcycle into unique succulent planters

April 25th, 2021

Oh, succulents!

Who’s crazy about these types of plants? Well, other than myself, I mean.

Aside from the fact that they are not high maintenance, looking at these colorful plants really helps a lot in finding relaxation and in taking a breather from all the chaos from school, work, and life, in general.

While they provide a lot of stress relief, taking care of succulents can also be another venue for people to nurture their creativity. How? By making unique planters that would hold these beauties. And making these planters does not have to be expensive at all! In fact, you can use items in your home and transform them into stunning succulent planters.

1. Teacup planter

If you have teacups that are too old to be used for serving tea or with broken parts, then you have the perfect materials for a teacup planter. Small succulents can fit right into these lovely cups. You can be even more creative by painting designs that you love onto the cups.

2. Chair planter

Old chairs not strong enough to be sat on can be re-purposed into succulent chair planters. This idea is also perfect if you also have tiny children’s chairs that are not used anymore. Painting them into colors you love will also add to this project’s charm.

3. Wine box planter

If you have old wine boxes lying around, don’t throw them away because they can be used for a greater purpose! That purpose is no other than being the new home for your succulents. They are perfect for the job because of the wooden material they are made of.

4. Frame planter

Making a frame filled with your favorite colorful succulents is quite easy. You just have to follow the steps here. Have fun!

5. Book planter

Are you tidying up your bookshelves and don’t know where to put your old, hardbound books? Re-purpose them into succulent planters! Of course, make sure that your books are really not for reading anymore. You might want to do this to the books you don’t like to read but are just lying around for ages.

6. Wheelbarrow planter

Wow, this is such a beauty! Old wheelbarrows that are too rusty to be actually used in gardening can actually be upcycled to serve as succulent planters that give your garden a vintage country vibe. The best part? It is as mobile as any other handheld planter!

7. Cork planter

Here’s another hack for wine lovers who are also suckers for succulents. Aside from wine boxes, the cork from wine bottles are also best for holding tiny succulents. So cute!

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8. Tea can planter

Do you have tea canisters lying around? Keep them with you because they are also useful as re-purposed succulent planters. All you need is to puncture tiny dots on the bottom part so air and water can flow in and out of the can. The perks of this DIY project? You don’t really need to do a lot of designing, because tea cans normally have very nice patterns already.

9. Mason jar planter

Mason jars are one of the most versatile containers around. If you have some in your home, use them as succulent planters. If you want them transparent or painted, that would be up to your creative mind, so let your creative juices flow while making this incredible DIY planter project.

10. Doll head planter

Okay, so some of you might be creeped out by this idea, but I guess some would also love to try this out. Old doll heads need not be thrown away. As it turns out, they can be turned into succulent planters, too.

11. Boot planter

Old leather boots are perfect for your DIY succulent planters. After this project is done, you’ll be surprised at the incredible result. It’s like looking at a magical shoe wherein beautiful and colorful plants spring out of nowhere!

12. Log planter

And finally, this fabulous and cheap log planter. A tree stump is not only good for sitting. Add a more beautiful and relaxing purpose to it by transforming it into a log planter. If you don’t have a stump, but a big broken branch instead, this can also be another place for your lovely succulents to thrive in.

Wow, aren’t these planters unique and fabulous? You definitely need to try them out!

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Source: Diply, Instagram