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13 Genius Uses For Bungee Cords Around Your Home

April 11th, 2018

Bungee cords! They’re springy, they’re cheap, and they’re more versatile than you probably ever imagined. They’re basically your new best friend when it comes to home hacks and organization. Need proof? Keeping reading.

Here are 16 uses for bungee cords around your home that will help simplify your life.

From kid-proofing your cabinets and drawers to helping with your garden – what can’t bungee cords do?!

1. Keep balls in place in the garage

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Designed to Dwell Source: Designed to Dwell

Organizing your garage can be a daunting task. Between toys, sports equipment, and home tools – how do you keep track of everything? One way to easily organize your basketballs and soccer balls is to use bungee cords! The Designed to Dwell blog has this genius solution using four bungee cords attached to two small wood shelves. Find the full tutorial here.

2. Yoga mat holder

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Lee Valley Tools Source: Lee Valley Tools

Don’t have a bag for your yoga mat? No problem! By using a tiny bungee cord, you can easily cinch up your yoga mat in a flash. LeeValleyTools has the visual step-by-step instructions in their YouTube video.

3. Wine cork and bungee cord tie

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Condo Blues Source: Condo Blues

Extension cords and power tool cords can become tangled and total pain to unravel. Luckily, Condo Blues blog has come up with this really great way to keep them organized. All you’ll need are some synthetic wine corks, bungee cords, and a couple of other tools like a drill and scissors. Head over to their blog for the full tutorial.

4. Baby-proof your drawers

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Syncopated Mama Source: Syncopated Mama

If you have a toddler in the house, you know that you can turn your back for one minute and the next thing you know, they’ve somehow found trouble. Buying clips and other baby-proofing products for your kitchen can be expensive, so why not use bungee cords instead? Syncopated Mama uses them to wrap through drawer handles to prevent curious little hands from opening them.

5. Activity center for your car

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Life Hacker Source: Life Hacker

Speaking of little ones, how about making road trips a little easier by using bungee cords? Life Hacker shared this genius tip – just stretch a bungee cord from one side of the car to the other and attach to the ceiling handles. String your baby’s favorite toys from the cord for hours of car entertainment.

6. DIY baby gate

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Life As A Thrifter Source: Life As A Thrifter

Since we’re on the topic of babies and toddlers – here’s another great bungee cord hack. Life As A Thrifter calls this a “short-term” baby gate since…well…most of them are! Why waste money on a store-bought baby gate when you can make your own with a piece of fabric, two bungee cords, and a couple of hooks. Head to their blog for the full instructions.

7. Help trim ornamental grasses

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The Hypertufa Gardener Source: The Hypertufa Gardener

Trimming large, tall bunches of ornamental grasses in your yard can be a bit tricky. Luckily, with the help of a handy bungee cord, the chore just got way easier. Just wrap a bungee cord around a bunch of grass to create a ‘ponytail,’ now you can cut and trim it with ease. The Hypertufa Gardener has the step-by-step tutorial.

8. Bunk bed guard

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Another Big Bite Source: Another Big Bite

If you have a little kid that’s graduated to their big kid bed, you can help keep them extra safe by using some bungee cords. Bunk beds and loft beds can often have gaps that would make any parent a little nervous. Just wrap a few bungee cords through the railings, and now you can sleep easy – and so can your kiddos!

9. Canning jar lid organizer

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Hickory Holler Farm Source: Hickory Holler Farm

If canning is one of your favorite hobbies, you probably have lots and lots of mason jars lying around. Keeping those lids organized can be hard to do, especially if you have quite a few of them. Bungee cords can help come to the rescue! Hickory Holler Farm came up with this clever idea.

10. Bike bag holder

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Good Housekeeping via Ladyfleur Source: Good Housekeeping via Ladyfleur

If you’d like to do a little grocery shopping while you’re out and about on your bike ride, use bungee cords to attach some totes to the back. Of course, you will need a luggage rack so that the bags don’t touch your tires or drag on the ground.

11. Keep cords knot free

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One Good Thing by Jillee Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

By hanging a big bungee cord from the wall or ceiling, you can easily keep long extension cords organized and de-tangled. One Good Thing by Jillee came up with this fun idea, along with a few others on how to keep your garage organized. Head to her blog for more info.

12. Shelf brace for an RV

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Good Housekeeping via The Boat Gallery Source: Good Housekeeping via The Boat Gallery

If you have an RV, a bungee cord is a perfect tool for lots of things. They’re just so handy and helpful! For example, to keep food containers from spilling over while in the RV, just use a bungee cord looped around your shelves.

13. Double your curtain rods

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Planet Perry Source: Planet Perry

If you’re looking to have two curtains over one window, you can save space by using a bungee cord. Two curtain rods can look bulky, so a bungee cord is a great way to prevent that. This is perfect for hanging a sheer curtain behind an opaque one.

Source: Good Housekeeping