13 clever home organization tips for the minimalist

April 29th, 2021

You see something that is broken, but instead of throwing it away, you pause and think.

What if you can use it someday? What if you’re throwing something that is still useful? You start feeling that you are going to waste something good by throwing it away.

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The next thing you know, you’re storing it somewhere in your home.

Is this scenario familiar? If it is, then by now, you have plenty of unnecessary clutter in your home. Over time, you may even become a hoarder.

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One day, it will just hit you. You want to change your lifestyle, and minimalism seems to be really fascinating and promising.

What exactly is the minimalist lifestyle?

Minimalism is a form of living where you opt for the simplest and the fewest elements and use them to their maximum potential.

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The first step is to remove all unnecessary elements or things around you. It may look simple, but this is the hardest part of the transition.

So, if you are a beginner minimalist, then you should absolutely read through this to get an idea of how to start living simply.

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Create a list

You might think that the first step is to de-clutter but it’s not. Having a plan or a list will help you start being organized.

It’s hard to start something when you’re not sure what you are aiming at. Most of the time, you will just end up creating a mess, and we don’t want that. Start with a list of the things that you may want to do first, you can also refer to this list for reference.

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De-clutter first

This is the hardest part and the most time-consuming as well. That’s why it’s important to have a specific list of where you will start first. You can do the kitchen and once that is done, move on to the next.

Never do everything all at once because you’ll end up frustrated, and you won’t be able to finish anything.

Prepare boxes or trash bags, and prepare to let go of the things that you no longer need.

Don’t be afraid to let go of that old blanket or that broken speaker. If you are not using it now, you probably won’t use it for a while – thus, creating clutter.

If you haven’t worn a pair of jeans for a year, then let it go!

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Keep them handy

Now that you are starting to throw away unnecessary things, it’s also time to re-organize everything.

Remember! You won’t be able to do everything overnight. This can take days, and even weeks.

Don’t stress yourself but always keep track of everything.

Now, make sure to keep all the things that you need “handy.” What do we mean by this? If you have a home office and you are using your pens there, then just keep them there – organized.

If you need to use pens in the kitchen for making your grocery list, have a separate one neatly placed there too, along with a small notebook for your notes.

We don’t want to see pens lying around everywhere. By practicing this, we eliminate the need to clutter.

Each part of your home may require different styles when it comes to organizing, here are some tips that you can follow.

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Spacious kitchen

Our kitchen may be one of the things that are prone to clutter. We use it often, and sometimes, everything becomes unorganized.

Before organizing, make sure that you only keep what you need. If only two people are living in your home, would you really need to have a dozen spoons?

Once you eliminate what you don’t need, start keeping your bowls, baking pans, measuring tools near your kitchen counter. This way, it will be easier for you to get them.

Pots and pans should be placed neatly near your stove. If you love coffee or other hot beverages, you can also create a little coffee corner.

Organized your pantry

Next, we should also focus on the pantry. How many expired canned goods did you throw away because you forgot that you have them?

Now, that’s such a waste. So, it’s best to know how to label and organize the food that you are buying. Always check the expiration date and don’t buy items in bulk if you know that you won’t be consuming them anytime soon.

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Relaxing living room

Your living room should have a relaxing ambiance. When you go home from work, you stay there and relax.

To enjoy your favorite movie, make sure that your surrounding is clean and tidy. Remove old DVD/BlueRay cases that are unused. Keep your discs in an organizer or a CD wallet.

Since this is a room where everyone enjoys their free time, make sure that you don’t put your personal belongings in your living room.

Don’t put your charger, water bottle, pillows, or any of your personal belongings there.

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Organize your bathroom

Now we go to the bathroom. Remove items that you are no longer using.

That old face wash that you haven’t used in four months shouldn’t be there anymore.

Organize and place bath items in one place and the towels in another. Have a laundry basket nearby, and make sure to only keep what you need.

Fun and clean kid’s room

The kid’s room is one of the trickiest rooms to organize and clean but it’s a good start to let your kids know that they also need to practice letting go of broken toys and the toys that they no longer like.

Give them a small space for their toys, and ask them which toys they no longer like or the toys that are already broken. Include them in your cleaning task so they would understand how the process works.

Have boxes where you can put all the Legos, cars, etc.

While cleaning, it’s also best to teach your little ones to be responsible for cleaning their toys.

A tidy home office

Can you work when there’s clutter all around you?

It’s so hard to concentrate, right? So, it’s best to remove unnecessary clutter in your home office. If you can, paint it white and keep only the things that you need.

Keep a small notebook, pen, highlighter, and your laptop. You can set up a coffee station too, but eliminate anything that can distract you from your work.

If you have files, then it’s a must to organize them according to dates or names. We don’t want to be working on a table full of papers.

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Organized closet

Do you have clothes that you haven’t worn for a year?

Get them all out of your closet and get rid of them. You can donate your unused or old clothes if you can, but don’t let them sit in your closet for years.

You will end up forgetting about them.

Only keep the clothes that you are using. Organize them according to color or style. Have a separate place for your shoes, bags, neckties, socks, and undergarments.

The use of baskets would be a life-saver.

Well-maintained laundry room

Again, keep only what you use. Remove old cleaning agents and detergents that you are not using. Keep it basic and neat.

Just detergents, laundry baskets, iron, a few cleaning solutions, and that’s it.

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Don’t overspend

Now that you are done with the basics of organizing and cleaning, here comes the next tip that you need to remember.

Donโ€™t go over your allotted budget.

It’s easy to be swayed by all those fancy minimalist items that can be bought like matching baskets, new dining tables, new cabinets, etc.

They are all aesthetically pleasing but if you don’t have the budget – don’t.

Minimalism isn’t about that. It’s not about changing everything, it’s about removing the excess and keeping what is needed.

Spend on the things that you can afford like labeling kits, baskets, and other storage items.

A lifestyle to practice

The last one is embracing the minimalist lifestyle. Minimalism is a journey.

Don’t rush everything.

Enjoy the process and see how amazing it is to feel and see the change that you want.

Once you have completed your home make-over, the next part starts. You need to know how to live the lifestyle. It won’t be easy, but it would be challenging. Slowly, your mindset will change, and the way you look at things will differ as well.

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You will no longer have the urge to collect material things; instead, you treasure what you have and use what you need.

This lifestyle is invigorating and will teach you so many things in life. You will learn how to breathe and relax, and in the process, release all your stress.

Enjoy and breathe, and embrace the minimalist lifestyle that you have always wanted.

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