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15 Alternative Uses for Petroleum Jelly

June 5th, 2018

Most of us have used petroleum jelly all our lives for dry and sensitive skin. But there are lots of ways you can use petroleum jelly around your home and for things you’ve probably never even thought of.

Here Are 15 Alternative Uses For Petroleum Jelly:

1) Hide Wood Furniture Scuffs

Let petroleum jelly fix your furniture. Place some petroleum jelly on scratches, scuffs, and stains. Let it sit for 24 hours then wipe away.

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2) Make Perfume Last Longer

Petroleum jelly can make you smell nice for longer. Just dab some Vaseline on your pulse points. Then spray your fragrance on.

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3) Remove Gum From Wood

Apply petroleum jelly to gum that is stuck on wood. It will eventually disintegrate the gum. This will allow you to easily remove it.

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4) Pop That Highlighter

You can use petroleum jelly as a highlighter. Just dab a little on the high points of your face where you’d put highlighter. This will give you a bright dewy look.

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5) Remove Candle Wax

Apply petroleum jelly around the edges of your spilled wax. Let is sit on for while. You can wipe up the wax easily after this.

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6) Remove Makeup Stains From Clothing

Wet a washcloth so that it’s damp. Dab your makeup stain with the petroleum jelly. The makeup stain should lift up.

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7) Make Windows Slide Easy

Is your window or drawer sticking? Use a paintbrush to paint on some petroleum jelly on the tracks of your window or drawer. This will help it glide easier.

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8) Mess-Free Polish Manicure

Apply petroleum jelly to your cuticles. Then paint your nails. The jelly will prevent you from getting polish on your cuticles.

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9) Silence Squeaky Hinges

Hush those squeak hinges up with petroleum jelly. Just rub some on your squeaky hinges. Move your hinge back and forth so that the jelly works its way through.

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10) Cracked Dry Feet

Let petroleum jelly soothe your dry cracked feet. Rub it all over your feet and generously on dry areas. Put a sock over it and sleep with it on overnight to soften your skin.

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11) Prevent Lightbulbs From Sticking

Once you break off a lightbulb in the fixture, it can be pretty hard to get out. You can avoid this with petroleum jelly. Just rub some on the threads of your new lightbulb before you screw it in. It will be easier to take out and won’t get stuck.

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12) Let Shower Curtains Glide Easy

With rust and water stain build up, sometimes our shower curtains can stick. Rub some petroleum jelly on your curtain rod. This will help it to slide easier.

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13) Makeshift Fly Paper

Use petroleum jelly as makeshift flypaper. Pour a small amount of melted petroleum jelly into a dish or jar lid. Leave it out where flies go to catch them.

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14) Soothe A Fever

Put some petroleum jelly in your freezer for five minutes. Take it out and apply on the forehead. This should help to soothe your fever.

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15) Shine Up Leather

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Are your shoes or leather bags looking dull? Apply some petroleum jelly to a cloth. Use it to buff and shine your fine leather goods.

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