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15 Reasons Why You Need Plastic Sheeting In Your Home

September 6th, 2018

You’ve probably never really considered using it in your home, but in some households, plastic sheeting is a staple. Plastic sheeting offers very practical solutions to your everyday household problems with even less damage to your wallet.

So, here’s a list of fifteen ways plastic sheeting could make your life easier:

1. It’s a great cover for large objects

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Don’t have a shed for your lawnmower and other outdoor tools? Are you tired of your car getting discolored in the scorching heat? Use plastic sheeting. It’s waterproof and comes in various sizes. It’s also an excellent cover for firewood and outdoor furniture in the rainy season.

2. It can be used to fix leaking containers

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We all know how important kiddie pools are, especially in the summer. Now imagine the effect something as trivial as a leak will have on your kids. Thicker sheets of plastic sheeting are great quick fixes for leaking kiddie pools or fish pools. It’s quick, simple, and far better than crushing your kids’ spirits in the summer.

3. It makes great blackout shades

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For many of us, sleeping in the night is a struggle. Imagine how much harder it must be for people trying to sleep during the day. For people who have night jobs and very different schedules from the average person, blackout shades made out of plastic sheeting could make it so much easier to get the healthy sleep we all need.

It’s not just for adults; infants can benefit from this too. Your baby will sleep better during the day if the room is dark. If you feel like it’s too dark, turning on a simple night light will give the room some light but not too much to cancel out the benefit of blackout shades.

4. You can use it to build a greenhouse in your backyard

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Whether it’s to supplement your groceries or for therapeutic reasons, gardening is fun. Sadly, winter has a way of killing plants and forcing us to stay indoors. You can build a greenhouse using plastic sheeting and grow your plants throughout the year without having to worry about the weather.

5. Use it to collect rainwater

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We don’t all live in the rainforest. Water is a luxury in many homes, so finding ways to get it for free is very practical. Done correctly, plastic sheeting can be used to harvest rainwater that is safe for human consumption. If water is a readily available commodity in your home, then you can harvest your rainwater for gardening. That should bring the water bill down a notch.

6. It’s a great tool to winterize your windows

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Winterizing your windows is a necessary step to take before winter hounds your household. This will help the warm air in your house from leaking outside and being replaced by the icy winter air. Trust me; it can make a huge difference.

7. Use it to close off rooms

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If you’re thinking of doing some work on a section of your home while you still live in it, plastic sheeting is a great tool to close off these sections of your house. You won’t have to deal with paint fumes and the dust that comes with construction.

8. Use it as a temporary fix for damaged roofs and windows

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With time, even the sturdiest of homes start to crumble. We all know how annoying a leaking roof or broken window can be. Plastic sheeting can be used as a temporary solution to prevent weather damage until proper repairs can be done.

9. Create your own DIY shower curtains

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Crafty and We Know It Source: Crafty and We Know It

It goes without saying that we all enjoy our time in the shower. For lots of people, this is ‘me time.’ You’ll be surprised at how many world-changing ideas have been born this way. That sadly isn’t the same if you’re spending all of your time trying not to get the rest of the bathroom soaked.

You can make lovely shower curtains using plastic sheeting. You don’t have to settle for the boring black or clear colors that hardware stores sell. Some fabric stores sell them in different patterns and colors.

10. Build a solar still

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Remember the point we made about harvesting rainwater? Sometimes things don’t go as planned and harvested water can get contaminated. You’ll need to purify it before you drink it. You can use plastic sheeting to build a solar still (a DIY water purifier) that will clean your water and save you from having to rush to the ER.

11. Build a DIY tarp

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This could be a fun way for you and your kids to go camping in your backyard. You can build a DIY tarp out of plastic sheeting which is just as effective and less expensive than buying an industrial tarp from a retail store.

12. Use it as floor lining for your indoor pets “toilet”

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When they have to go, they have to go. Sometimes your pets just can’t help themselves, or they might still be learning. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the thought of having to scrape waste off my clean floors. You can line a section of a room with plastic sheeting and thrown down a few old newspapers. Training your pet to use ‘the bathroom’ will save you a lot of trouble.

13. It makes a great DIY slip and slide sheet

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Are you having trouble getting your kids to play outside? At a certain age, the kiddie pool just doesn’t work anymore. Slip and slide fun in the backyard is a great way to get them out of the house and into the sun. Get plastic sheeting that’s long and of a width that a body can slide on easily. It’ll be a great experience for your kids at a friendlier price than what you can get at your local store.

14. Use it as mulch in your garden

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Mulch can be a great addition to your garden for two reasons. It helps suppress the growth of weeds and conserves water in the soil. Plastic sheeting is more effective than using organic mulch, and you don’t have to throw it out every season. You can even recycle it if you preserve it well.

15. An effective surface cover when painting

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There is nothing more effective at bringing life back into your home than a paint job. This, sadly, has the potential to be a very expensive mess if done incorrectly. Trust me, covering your room with old newspapers isn’t that effective. Plastic sheeting acts as a great protective cover for your floor and other surfaces while you spruce up the walls.

Source: The Survival Mom