15 DIY Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

November 4th, 2018

The joining of two souls in marriage is a sacred thing that should be marked with a special wedding celebration.

But you should have to go broke throwing yourself a nice wedding.

That’s why there are so many people who choose to DIY their wedding. And a winter wedding is a super popular wedding theme.

Here Are 20 DIY Winter Wedding Decor Ideas:

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1) Ornamental Centerpiece

Everything you see below can be purchased at the dollar store. They will often have festive colored charger plates and packs of ornaments. They also sell candles. get the details on this

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Deer Pearl Flowers Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

2) Rosemary Wreath Placecards

These are cute and simple touch. But they really give your table settings the extra flare that looks like you spent money on it. Learn how to make them here.

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3) Twig and Berry Centerpieces

These are great for a winter wedding with an earthy vibe. You can buy or have someone cut logs to use as a stand for your decor. Then you can buy dollar store votive holders and fill it with water, berries, and some pine twigs. Top it with a floating candle. You can also use red and white roses in water to create gorgeous and inexpensive centerpieces and decor.

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Deer Pearl Flowers Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

4) Paper Flower Corsage

Want the look of corsage flowers without paying for them? Make paper flower corsages. Get all the details on how to make them here.

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Minted Strawberry Source: Minted Strawberry

5) Givenchy Inspired Headpiece

This headpiece is GORGEOUS. You’d probably spend hundreds on something like this at the store. Buy yourself some Swavorski crystal beads and make your own. The instructions can be found here.

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crafts.tutsplus.com Source: crafts.tutsplus.com

6) Make A Hot Chocolate Bar

This is a fun way to add a little something extra at your wedding without spending a lot of money. Just have a large machine or container to hold your hot chocolate and keep it hot. Then buy glass containers from the dollar store and fill it with things to top your hot chocolate with like chocolate chips, candy canes or coconut. Find details on this project here.

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This Fairytale Life Source: This Fairytale Life

7) Photo Holders/Seat Markers

Photo holders make great take-home gifts and even better seat markers. These are super easy to make. You just need some spraypaint, wire, and a glue gun. Get the tutorial here.

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A Charming Project Source: A Charming Project

8) Gold Bottle Candle Holders

Instead of buying fancy candle holders, you can make your own. Just spray paint some bottles in gold or another metallic color and pop in a candle. You can place them around your party space for decor or use as a centerpiece.

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Ruffled Source: Ruffled

9) Etched Votive Holder

Candles are just a nice way to set a romantic mood for your wedding. Instead of plain votive holder, etch a design into votives you find from the dollar store. Learn how here.

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Crafts Unleashed Source: Crafts Unleashed

10) Snow Covered Pine Cones

You can use pine cones in a variety of ways. And they look extra festive if you make them look like they are covered in snow, which you can learn how to do here. Once you collect and prepare your pine cones you can turn them into all different kinds of decor like a chandelier. Get some ideas here.

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Better Homes & Gardens Source: Better Homes & Gardens

11) Tree Stumps

Tree stumps and pieces offer an earthy rustic look. Kind of like you’re in a beautiful winter forest. use them to create depth and dimension.

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Deer Pearl Flowers Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

12) Put Things In Jars

You can find beautiful apothecary jars in bulk for a discount online. You can fill it with all kinds of different things. Filling them with flowers, pine cones, and ornaments for a holiday look.

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Deer Pearl Flowers Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

13) Beaded Wire

You can use beaded wire to create stunning centerpieces. Wrap it around some painted branches for a magical feel. Just place inside a glass container. You can find 6-feet of beaded wire garland for $13 here.

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Deep Pearl Flowers Source: Deep Pearl Flowers

14) Christmas Tree Decor

Nothing says Christmas like a Christmas tree. Buy some inexpensive mini ones and decorate them on your own. Use them as centerpieces or as decor elsewhere. You can even make trees out of beads, balls, and pine cones if you don’t want pine.

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15) Gingerbread Houses

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If you’re going for a literal Christmas themed wedding that’s fun, use gingerbread houses as decor. You can make your own gingerbread or buy those premade kits. Use them as centerpieces or decor.

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