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15 DIY Hacks To Prevent Beach Day Disasters

June 11th, 2018

A broken flip-flop or a stolen wallet can completely ruin your beach day… and beach days are sacred. But you can save your beach day and even make it much better when you know a few hacks.

Here are 15 Hacks To Prevent Disasters And Make The Best Out of Your Beach Day

1) Fix A Flip-Flop

If you buy cheap flip-flops they’ll probably break. If the thong part of your flip-flop comes out you can fix it with the tab of a soda can. Pull the thong back through and place the tab over it. It will hold the thong in place until you can get a new pair of shoes. It also works with a paper clip or a bread bag tab.

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2) Freeze Water Bottles Instead of Ice Packs

Ice packs will melt and get warm within a short time. Use frozen water bottles as ice packs instead. It will keep cooler much longer.

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3) Keep Sand Out With a Fitted Sheet

Keeping sand off your blanket is a pain. It’s much easier, however, when you use a fitted sheet as a beach blanket. Place it down and use your beach bag, cooler, and other items at each corner to keep the sides of the sheets up as a barricade.

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4) Outdoor Drink Holders

Keep your drinks out of the sand and sand out of your drinks with an outdoor drink holder. You can make them out of soup cans and they will keep your drinks raised up and out of the sand. Learn how to make them here.

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5) Hide Your Valuables

Keep your valuables safe while you’re at the beach. Cut off the top of a sunscreen bottle and place your keys and cash inside. Put the top back on and your valuables will be perfectly disguised.

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6) Pitch a Bohemian Tent

Looking for a little shade? You don’t have to go and buy a fancy tent or canopy. Some sticks and sheets will do. Learn how to pitch a bohemian tent here.

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7) Keep Sand Off Your Cell Phone

Once you get sand stuck in the crevices of your phone it’s hard to get it out. Place your phone in a sandwich bag. You’ll still be able to use it through the plastic.

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8) Portable Cash Stash

If you’re not keen on hiding your cash in a bottle of lotion you can keep it with you even when you swim. Just cut a hole in the top of a medicine bottle and glue a string to it. Place your cash inside and wear around your neck. Get the details here.

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9) Mesh Laundry Beach Bag

Need a new beach bag? Use a mesh laundry bag instead. It will allow the sand to fall right through. It’s perfect to keep beach toys in.

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10) Beach Bag Towel/Pillow

Turn your beach towel into the ultimate beach towel/beach bag/pillow. It has side pockets for your stuff and can roll up into a bag that can be carried. Learn how to make it here.

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11) Get Sand Off

You rinsed your legs with water but there was still sand left behind. Sprinkle talcum powder on your skin and rub. This will make the sand slide right off.

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12) Sun Burn Redness Relief

Freeze some aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray. Run the ice cubes over your burnt skin. Do this for a day and it will cool your skin and get rid of your lobster coloring.

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13) Don’t Spend Money on Frozen Treats

Stop spending money on ice cream and frozen treats. Just freeze some Capri Suns. They’ll be slushies by the time you’re ready to eat them at the beach. Just remember to bring a scissor.

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14) Don’t Let Sand Seep Into the Snacks

Sand can easily slip into open snack containers and packages. Use old Coffeemate containers instead. You can just shake your snacks out and snap them closed to prevent sand from getting in.

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15) Beach Emergency Kit

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Don’t let a scrape or jellyfish sting put an early end to your beach day. Bring an emergency kit with you that includes things like bandages, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, tweezers, and anything else you’ll need. Get some ideas for your emergency beach kit here.

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