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15 Things You Should Never Do To Your Dog, But That You Might Be Guilty Of

April 20th, 2018

When getting a puppy or dog, it’s important to give plenty of TLC. But also make sure to avoid these 15 things that you should never do to your dog.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone in the Car

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One of the worst things you can do is leave your precious dog alone in the car. Not only does your dog run the risk of overheating, he or she can also get stolen. The best thing to do if you plan on going somewhere that does not allow dogs is to leave your dog at home.

Don’t Allow Your Dog to Jump on People

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Not everyone is a dog lover. So don’t let your dog jump on other people. Not only can this lead to injury if the person they jump on is old or frail, it can also lead to confusion on your dog’s part, because what he considers friendly behavior may result in anger instead.

Don’t Overfeed Your Dog

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If given the chance, your dog will try to eat just about anything in sight. Keep your dog healthier by only feeding him at mealtimes or giving your dog an occasional treat. This keeps your dog healthier.

Don’t Ignore Your Dog’s Barking

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Your dog barks for a variety of reasons — to say hello or as a warning. Some dogs just like to bark. So acknowledge your dog when he or she barks. If your dog persistently barks for no reason, try to reward them when they are quiet to encourage that behavior.

Don’t Share Food Harmful to Your Dog

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Some foods are dangerous to dogs. Before sharing any food with your dog, make sure that it is safe for them to eat. Food dangerous to dogs includes chocolate and bones with meat on them. Small amounts of chocolate can give your dog an upset stomach, while large amounts can actually kill them.

Bones can get stuck in a dog’s throat, make them choke, and possibly cause damage to your dog’s throat, mouth, or intestines.

Don’t Forget to Exercise Your Dog

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Just like people, your dog needs exercise on a regular basis. This includes daily walks and bouts of play. Look for dog-friendly parks in your area, or walk your dog in your neighborhood to ensure that he or she stays as healthy as possible.

Don’t Hit Your Dog

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Hitting your dog to punish them only leads to aggressive behavior. It also breaks the bond of trust between you and your dog and can even lower your dog’s confidence.

Don’t Ignore Your Dog’s Medical Needs

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Neglecting your dog’s medical needs can lead to poor health and even death. Veterinarians are specially trained to the needs of dogs and other animals. So if your dog starts to act weird, schedule a visit with a local vet to get a proper diagnosis before it’s too late.

Don’t Chain Your Dog Up All the Time

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While it’s OK to occasionally chain your dog up, such as when expecting company, you should not have them on a chain all of the time. Like any living creature, your dog needs interaction and stimulation from you and other members of your family, something they can’t get when chained up inside or outside.

Don’t Neglect Your Dog’s Teeth

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Just like you, your dog needs to have their teeth brushed daily. This helps remove food particles and prevent the onset of periodontal disease. In fact, veterinarians recommend having your dog’s teeth checked annually.

Don’t Allow Inappropriate Behavior

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Allowing your dog to engage in inappropriate behavior, such as putting their paws up on a counter, might seem funny at first. The embarrassment comes when they do so around friends or family. So teach them what is and isn’t appropriate behavior.

Don’t Encourage Inappropriate Behavior

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Even worse than allowing inappropriate behavior is actually encouraging it. Encouraging your dog to engage in aggressive behavior toward others can lead to you losing your dog or in someone getting hurt. Worst-case scenario: Your pet could be euthanized because of bad behavior..

Don’t Bribe Your Dog

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Avoid bribing your dog constantly with rewards. You should expect your dog to act right all of the time whether you give your dog a reward or not. The best way to deal with this is to occasionally reward them for doing what you ask but not to reward them every time.

Don’t Punish Your Dog Excessively

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The way you punish your dog is important. Never hit your dog when they do something wrong. Just as important, never place your dog in a crate as punishment. The proper ways to punish your dog include time outs, giving a verbal warning, or taking your dog’s toys away for a short time.

Don’t Play With Your Dog at the Wrong Time

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One mistake that you might make with your dog is playing with them when you take them out to use the bathroom. What inevitably ends up happening in such situations is that your dog has you thinking they need to go out in the middle of the night to use the bathroom when all they really want to do is play.

Taking care of a dog is a lot of responsibility. But by avoiding the above no-nos, you can ensure that your beloved dog remains healthy, happy, and uses the appropriate behavior all the time.

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