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15 Ways to Deodorize Your Shoes

February 1st, 2018

Our shoes can work up quite the stink, especially if we wear them all the time. But instead of tossing out your favorite pair of stinky shoes, there are several remedies you can use to remove the smell and moisture.

1) Washing Machine

If you have canvas, cotton, nylon, or polyester shoes, you can place them in a mesh bag or pillowcase and put them on the gentle cycle in your washing machine. Make sure you dry them out well.

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2) Tea Bags

Put some tea bags in your shoes immediately after you take them off. The tea bags will absorb the odors and give your shoes a nice new smell.

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3) Dishwasher

You can disinfect your shoes in the dishwasher. Get all the instructions here.

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4) Deodorizer Pouches

Create little pouches or fill a sock with DIY deodorizing powder and place these pouches in your shoes. You can learn how to make a deodorizing powder here.

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5) Charcoal Deodorizers

These items use activated charcoal to suck up smells in your shoes or anywhere else you can use the charcoal sachets. You can find them here.

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6) Shoe Spray

Whip up a shoe spray from rubbing alcohol, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil or lemon essential oil. Spraying your shoes will this solution will help to neutralize the stinky smells.

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7) Bar of Soap

Stuffing your shoes with a bar of soap in each shoe can also get rid of funky foot smells in your shoes.

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8) Mint Spray

Mint is also natural shoe deodorizer. Athletes carry mint spray in order to deodorize their shoes.

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9) Coffee Grounds

Place your coffee grounds in aluminum foil and place these in your shoes. Coffee grounds are often used to get rid of smells in places like garbage disposals.

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10) Dryer Sheets

Dryers sheets can also absorb any nasty scents when they are stuffed in your shoes.

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11) Freeze Them

Place your shoes in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer. The odor-causing bacteria will be killed off in a day or two after being left in the freezer.

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12) Coffee Filter

Coffee filters are super absorbent and can help to suck up odor in your shoes. You can also fill the coffee filter’s up with baking powder to further suck up any stink.

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13) Newspaper

Ball up some newspaper and stuff your shoes with it. The newspaper will absorb both the moisture in your shoe and any smells left behind.

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14) Kitty Litter

Get an old pair of clean socks and fill them with kitty litter. Place the filled socks in your shoes overnight. Since kitty litter is absorbent, the stench will be removed.

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15) Citrus Peels

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Not only do citrus peels absorb odor, but they will also leave a pleasant scent behind when placed in your shoes.

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