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16 Not So Obvious Cleaning Tips That You Will Never Forget After Reading

May 3rd, 2018

Keeping your home spotless takes a lot of work. Add to that a job and kids, and you’ll be scrambling to find enough time. Follow these 16 not-so-obvious hacks to make cleaning your home faster and easier.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean Your Baseboards

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Housetipster Source: Housetipster

Use a microfiber cloth to clean down your baseboards. For even more cleaning power, wrap the microfiber cloth around a stiff broom.

Use Ice to Remove Furniture Marks

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Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care Source: Healthy Clean Carpet & Tile Care

Apply ice to the outer edges of carpet marks where heavy furniture has sat and leave overnight. The ice melts gradually, absorbing into the carpet, and removes the furniture marks.

Disinfect a Mattress

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HireRush Source: HireRush

Mixing one parts alcohol and two parts water gives you a solution that you can use to clean your mattress. Start by vacuuming your mattress, sprinkle the solution on, and allow it to dry. Not only does it kill the bacteria but also any smell.

Clean Gold Jewelry With Beer

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All Jewelery Tools Source: All Jewelery Tools

Give gold jewelry a magnificent shine by cleaning it with a cloth soaked in light beer. Make sure to avoid this method on jewelry with diamonds or other gemstones though, as it could damage the piece of jewelry.

Use Chalk for Grease Stains

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HomeHacks Source: HomeHacks

Remove grease spots on clothing or wallpaper using chalk. Start off by rubbing the grease spot with a piece of chalk. Allow it to sit for five minutes before rubbing the spot with a damp cloth. Repeat for heavier stains.

Clean a Grill With an Onion

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The Kitchn Source: The Kitchn

To easily clean grease from a grill, cut an onion in half, stick it on a fork, and rub the grills surface while it is still hot. The onion loosens up any baked on food and grease, making it easier to remove.

Use a Washing Machine Pill for Brighter Whites

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Colourbox Source: Colourbox

Soak your whites in a mixture of laundry detergent, bleach, and pills specially made to help washing machines clean your clothes better before washing. An alternative is to use the pill by itself, but this requires you to dissolve the pill first and to then wash your clothing using hot water.

Use Salt for Brighter Clothing Colors

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the spruce Source: the spruce

Adding a tablespoon of salt to your wash cycle can brighten your clothing colors. The chloride in the salt seals in the color of your clothing across washes and protects them going forward.

Wait to Wash Your Frying Pan Until After It’s Cooled

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the spruce Source: the spruce

After cooking with a frying pan, wait until the pan has cooled before washing. Not only can a drastic change in temperature warp your pan, it can also cause any non-stick surface to buckle and peel.

Clean a Wooden Knife Block With a Vacuum Cleaner

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Good Housekeeping Source: Good Housekeeping

When cleaning a wooden knife block use either a vacuum or a hair dryer when cleaning. A vacuum makes cleaning up any crumbs easy, especially after cleaning the holes with a thin wire. Additionally, use a hair dryer to blow out the holes with a hair dryer over a sink of garbage can for easy cleanup.

Use a Hairdryer to Remove Stickers

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Cool Mom Eats Source: Cool Mom Eats

Use a hairdryer makes sticker removal easier. The heat generated by the hairdryer warms the adhesive and makes it easier to remove the sticker.

Clean Vases and Bottles Using Egg Shell

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Gippsland Unwrapped Source: Gippsland Unwrapped

The abrasive nature of egg shells make them great fro cleaning out narrow-necked bottles and vases. Place the egg shells inside the bottle or vase with a tiny amount of detergent, shake, and let sit. Pour the mixture out in the trash and then rinse the bottle or vase thoroughly.

Use Soap and Water to Wash a Blender

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Smoothie Blender Guide Source: Smoothie Blender Guide

Add a drop of soap into water in a blender for an easy way to clean it after use. Turn the blender on and then wash the blender.

Use Cat Litter in the Refrigerator

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espares Source: espares

Use a silica cat litter to remove bad smells from a refrigerator. Place the litter in an open box in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh.

Use a Grapefruit and Salt to Clean Calcium Carbonate Deposits

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apartment therapy Source: apartment therapy

Placing salt on half of a grapefruit and using it to clean helps remove calcareous deposits n your bathtub or sink. Make sure to use fine grain salt to avoid scratching your bathroom surfaces.

Use a Dish Wand, Vinegar, and Dish Soap to Clean Shower Scum

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Joyful Homemaking Source: Joyful Homemaking

Easily clean soap scum from your shower using a dish wand filled with a 50/50 mixture of dish soap and vinegar. Just use the dish wand after each use of your shower to keep it sparkling.

While you should clean your home on a regular basis, the process does not need to be hard. These not-so-obvious cleaning hacks make cleaning your home a breeze.

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