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17 Fun Ways To Use Them Around The House

March 15th, 2018

After you use all of your eggs, chances are your empty egg carton ends up in the recycling bin, right? Good on you for recycling, but there are so many ways you can reuse and upcycle egg cartons into fun crafts, pieces of decor, and handy tools around the house.

Here are 17 super fun new uses for old egg cartons. Who knew they could be so versatile?

Lots of these ideas are for all ages, so make sure to get the kiddos involved!

1. Use it as a paint palette

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Green Mom Source: Green Mom

Rip the lid off an egg carton and use the individual egg holders to hold different colors of paint. This is perfect for keeping your tables mess-free during your kids’ arts and crafts projects.

2. Make egg carton flower lights

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Upcycle That Source: Upcycle That

This one looks intimidating, but don’t worry – Upcycle That has created a super easy-to-follow tutorial to follow. All you’ll need are some egg cartons, scissors, acrylic paint, a string of Christmas lights, and a bit of creativity. So beautiful!

3. Create a homemade mancala game

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Fun Family Crafts Source: Fun Family Crafts

Mancala is one of the oldest games known to humans, and really fun to play! Making your own mancala board is so simple and easy to do. Basically, all you’ll need is an empty egg carton and some beans, but you can spruce it up by painting it different colors. Marie Pastiche has step-by-step instructions for you.

4. Flower bouquet wall art

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Mod Podge Rocks Source: Mod Podge Rocks

This is such a fun and crafty project to do with young ones! You’ll need to make a trip to the craft store to get some supplies, but otherwise, Mod Podge’s tutorial makes this art project a breeze. In just 7 easy steps, you’ll have a bright new piece of wall decor.

5. Use them as seed starters

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Green Mom Source: Green Mom

Instead of buying small pots or peat cups for starting seeds, just use an empty egg carton! As soon as the seeds have sprouted and need to be transplanted, just cut out the individual cup and plant the entire thing in the ground. The cardboard will decompose naturally.

6. Egg carton bird feeders

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The Creative Cubby Source: The Creative Cubby

This easy project is a great way to reuse your old egg cartons while also feeding the beautiful birds in your yard. The Creative Cubby has a fun tutorial that only requires five supplies: egg carton, string, glue, scissors, and bird seed!

7. Make an egg carton wreath

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Homemade Serenity Source: Homemade Serenity

Who knew something so beautiful could be made out of old empty egg cartons? This gorgeous wreath is perfect for spring and summer, and also surprisingly easy to make. Handmade Serenity created this fun project to make her little boy, plus, it makes a great gift!

8. Use it as a tablet holder

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Use an old egg carton as a stand for your tablet in your kitchen. This is perfect for when you’re trying to follow a recipe online.

9. Make creative gift wrapping

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Decoratrix Source: Decoratrix

How gorgeous are these egg carton gift boxes? Decoratrix came up with this genius idea and we absolutely love it. Just paint old egg cartons in fun colors and patterns, let dry, then use it to wrap a gift! All you need to do is secure it with a piece of pretty ribbon or string.

10. Use it as an ice cube tray

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

Having a party and run out of ice? Don’t fret! You can use your plastic or styrofoam egg cartons as extra ice cube trays. Genius!

11. Egg carton building blocks

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The Pinterested Parent Source: The Pinterested Parent

The Pinterested Parent came up with this creative idea and transformed empty egg cartons into colorful building blocks for her children. You can also incorporate popsicle sticks for extra building and crafting fun.

12. Homemade fire starters

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Green Mom Source: Green Mom

Now that it’s camping season, don’t spend your money on expensive fire starters, just make your own instead. Fill each cup of an egg carton with organic flammable material like lint, sawdust, or pencil shavings. Then, melt some paraffin or candle wax and pour into the cups. Mix together and let cool. When you need to start a fire, just tear off a cup.

13. Egg carton jewelry holder

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Wear Blue Sky Source: Wear Blue Sky

Keep your rings, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry organized with an egg carton jewelry holder. Spray paint an empty egg carton a metallic or bright color, and you’ve instantly got yourself a new jewelry tray. You can also glue on beads or jewels for some extra bling.

14. Store small Christmas ornaments

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The small-sized Christmas ornaments are the perfect size for storing in an old egg carton. Save your ornaments from breaking with this clever trick.

15. Make a mini succulent garden

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Green Mom Source: Green Mom

Here’s an ambitious project from Green Mom, “carefully cut off the top third of a dozen blown eggs. Nestle them upright in an egg carton, fill with soil and add tiny succulents and moss or flowers to make a darling window garden!”

16. Hold condiments in place

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Bob Vila Source: Bob Vila

No one likes that watery ketchup or mustard that comes out of the bottle after it’s been sitting upright for a while. Instead, use an egg carton to hold condiments in place while they’re upside down, so that way, you never have to deal with those half-squeezed bottles again.

17. Donate them

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The Prairie Homestead Source: The Prairie Homestead

Donate your collection of empty egg cartons to your local preschool or elementary school. These types of facilities are always looking for these types of donations for arts and crafts projects.

Source: Recyclebank