People are obsessed with this 183 sq. ft cylinder shaped cabin that can be assembled anywhere
It may be tiny but it has everything you need inside!
Colby Maxwell

When we were kids, many of us dreamed of having a mansion one day that had hundreds of rooms, swimming pools, and obviously, a dessert room filled with all the candy we could ever imagine. However, as we got older, the need for “more” and “bigger” may have changed a bit. This cultural change is most clearly seen in the modern Tiny House movement and it’s pretty incredible.

The number of people looking to have a small, sustainable home somewhere remote has exploded.

Connecting with the world around us and making as little of an impact as we can has become popular and with people’s creativity unleashed, the available options for people going “off-grid” are truly amazing. Take one company named LumiPods, for example.

LumiPods are 183 square feet and they are perfect for a getaway home.

LumiPods say this on their website:

“This prefabricated housing module, a real cocoon of simplicity, settles in the middle of Nature to welcome city dwellers willing to relax away from the concrete jungle.” – Lumi-Pod

They are made in France and the design is simply beautiful. You can totally imagine sitting on a cool bed watching the green scenery outside in the summer or snuggling up to watch snow fall during the winter.

Let’s go on a tour!

They come in many sizes, but let’s take a virtual look through their coolest features via their Instagram page. They post lots of beautiful photos regularly, too, so make sure you give them a follow if you love our tour!

The most amazing part about each house is the sliding glass door.

Each LumiPod is designed to bring nature into the environment. With a window that large, it’s safe to say they accomplished their goal! It’s beautiful and inviting and gives full display of whatever nature has in store for you. Imagine going to a theatre but you are actually in the wonderful environment displayed on the screen. The door can slide back to really open yourself up to the environment as well.

The homes come with one bedroom and one bathroom.

The bedrooms feel spacious because of the panoramic glass even though they are relatively small. Most of the wood feels like it blends into the background, letting the bed and the natural environment stand out even further. There is some space for a table (depending on the size home you are looking at) and everything seems to beautifully fit together.

Their bathrooms are truly gorgeous.

For only having a few square feet to work with, they did a stellar job of making things look beautiful. The tiled walls and floor look better than nearly any residential bathroom I’ve ever been in! The curved walls have such a dynamic element and it really keeps things feeling unique.

These would make the vacation homes of dreams!

Being able to say in such a beautiful setting in such a tiny format is the epitome of the tiny house movement. You can’t help but feel connected with the world around you when you are in a wooden cylinder sitting in the wilderness.

Make sure you follow their page to see more sneak peeks at the rest of the homes – you won’t be disappointed!

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By Colby Maxwell
Colby Maxwell is a contributor at SBLY Media.