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19 Insanely Cool Ways To Reuse Empty Food Containers

April 12th, 2018

Reusing old food and drink containers to store leftovers might be something you already do, but they’re so much more versatile than cheap Tupperware. You’d be surprised how many things you can do with empty sour cream containers or milk jugs.

These 22 uses for empty food and drink containers are super clever and crazy useful.

These ideas are amazingly creative. I wish I knew about them years ago!

1. Peanut butter jar bird feeder

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Naomi Marcus Source: Naomi Marcus

After you’ve scraped the last scoop of peanut out of the jar, give it a rinse and transform it into a bird feeder. All you’ll need to do is cut a hole for the birds, and a smaller hole for a little perch. Fill the jar with birdseed and enjoy your birdwatching!

2. Make a mini greenhouse

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Homesteading Downsized Source: Homesteading Downsized

Instead of tossing or recycling your empty roasted chicken container, turn it into a little greenhouse. All you need to do is poke holes in the bottom for drainage, and also on the top for ventilation. Fill with soil and seeds of your choice, then watch your mini garden grow. Homesteading Downsized has the tutorial.

3. Turn baby treat containers into a bowling game

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The Mom in Me Source: The Mom in Me

Think about how much plastic we’re tossing out every day. If you’re a parent, you probably have more than most because baby food and treats tend to always come bottled or packaged in plastic. Why not turn them into a fun game for your kiddo instead? The Mom In Me blog came up with this fun idea.

4. Maple syrup thumb-controlled watering can

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Fun in the Making Source: Fun in the Making

This fun and clever watering can is perfect for controlling the amount of water you want to disperse over your flowers, fruits, and veggies. All you’ll need is an empty, clean maple syrup container and a knife or some scissors. Head over to Fun in the Making for the step-by-step instructions.

5. Creamer bottle snack dispensers

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Home Design Inspired Source: Home Design Inspired

Hang onto those coffee creamer containers because they make excellent snack dispensers. These are perfect for road trips, traveling, or just having around the house. They are also great for storing popcorn kernels too.

6. Milk jug garden scoop

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Gap Photos Source: Gap Photos

Rinse and dry a plastic milk jug and turn it into a garden scoop. Now you don’t have to get your hands dirty and you saved money on expensive garden tools. It’s an overall win!

7. Wine bottle cap candles

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Home Design Inspired Source: Home Design Inspired

Twist off wine bottle caps often end up in the garbage after we’ve finished the bottle. As it turns out, you can get crafty with these little things as well. Head to the craft store and buy some candle wax and wicks to turn them into tiny cute candles.

8. Fruit cup and mason jar snack container

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Soup Spice Everything Nice Source: Soup Spice Everything Nice

“You might ask why not just put your crackers in a food storage bag? Well they could easily be crushed by a heavy soda can or bottle of water in your lunch bag. With the mason jar and fruit cup they have their own protective bubble,” Soup, Spice, Everything Nice says on their blog. Head over to find out how they did it.

9. Pacifier storage

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Lala Source: Lala

Hang on to the plastic ramekins that come with your delivery or takeout. They are perfect for keeping pacifiers nice and clean. They’re great for throwing in a diaper bag or keeping in the car.

10. Keep electrical cord plugs dry

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Family Handyman Source: Family Handyman

Use an empty, clean food container to keep the plugs dry on electrical or extension cords outside. You’ll just need to carve out a little groove for the cord to sit inside so that the lid can fit. The Family Handyman came up with this clever idea.

11. Tin can dough cutter

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Real Simple Source: Real Simple

If you remove the top and bottom of a tin can it can instantly become the best biscuit cutter you’ve ever used. They could also be used for cutting cookie dough as well. Real Simple shared this fun trick and has many more.

12. Store cupcake liners

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Table for Two Source: Table for Two

If you love to bake, you can keep your cupcake liners in a mason jar so that they’re handy and easy to grab. Plus, they look absolutely adorable stored on your kitchen countertop. Head over to Table for Two for more inspiration.

13. Coffee container flower pots

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A Frugal Desteny Source: A Frugal Desteny

So many of us buy Folger’s coffee for our morning pick-me-up, but after they’re empty, they just get tossed in the bin. Hang on to them and create fun flower pots with a little spray paint and pretty labels. A Frugal Desteny has the full tutorial.

14. Baby food jar spice containers

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Home Design Inspired Source: Home Design Inspired

This is a fun project for your kitchen. Hang on to glass baby jars and paint their lids with chalkboard paint. Fill them with spices and label the lids with what’s inside. How cute are these?

15. Mason jar salt and pepper dispensers

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Put It In A Jar Source: Put It In A Jar

Put It In A Jar came up with this absolutely genius way to use empty mason jars. By using the pour spout from your salt container, you can cut it out and place it on the top of the mason jar, then screw on the ring. Works great for dried herbs too.

16. Keep ribbon stored and organized

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The Scrap Shoppe Source: The Scrap Shoppe

If you love crafting, then you probably have lots of craft supplies in your house – like ribbon! Ribbon is tricky because it can become tangled and knotted if you don’t store it neatly. The Scrap Shoppe blog has step-by-step instructions on how to make these out of Frappucino bottles.

17. ‘Copper’ herb planters

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Homeyohmy Source: Homeyohmy

If you haven’t been using metallic spray paint yet, you’re totally missing out. It seriously looks like metal! It’s incredible! Turn empty tin cans into beautiful ‘copper’ herb planters with some copper spray paint and chalkboard paint. Wrap a piece of twine for a cute look.

18. Yogurt container measuring cups

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Home and Gardening Ideas Source: Home and Gardening Ideas

Empty yogurt containers are an awesome replacement for a measuring cup if you don’t have one. They often come in 8 and 16-ounce containers that are perfect for a quick measurement of a cup or two of flour.

19. Coke bottle dispensers

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Bay Witch Musings Source: Bay Witch Musings

Here’s a fun hack! Hang on to glass Coca-Cola bottles and use them for salt, oil, and dish soap dispensers. Bay Witch Musings has the instructions on how she made hers. And they look so cute on the counter!

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Source: Home Design Inspired