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Mom shares 20 brilliant ways to use club soda that have nothing to do with drinking

September 14th, 2020

Are you a fan of soda? Well, you probably know that all the sugary drinks are bad for your shape and, most importantly, your health. Nutritionists advise that a healthier alternative to sugar-flavored soda is club soda.

By replacing one of your daily sodas with club soda, and gradually moving on to excluding sugary soda from your diet completely- or limit it significantly- you will soon find out you will be a healthier version of yourself.

However, club soda is not just for drinking.

Throughout the years, people have come up with innovative ways to use the bubbly drink and today we are bringing them to you!

Read carefully, and make sure you take notes!

1. Fluffy pancakes

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Unsplash/ Mae Mu Source: Unsplash/ Mae Mu

Eggs, sugar, flour, milk and you’re ready to make your favorite breakfast treat. Well, not really. Next time you make pancakes try replacing milk, or any other liquid your recipe calls for, with club soda. You’ll be surprised at how fluffy they will turn out to be!

2. Water the plants

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Unsplash/ Cassidy Phillips Source: Unsplash/ Cassidy Phillips

Leftover club soda? Don’t pour it in the sink- repurpose it. Did you know that if you water your plants using club soda this will help them grow? For better results, you can repeat this every once a week.

3. Clean the windshield

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Unsplash/ Mathi Mathavan Source: Unsplash/ Mathi Mathavan

Do bird droppings and greasy stains on your windshield annoy you? Try cleaning it using club soda. This way you speed up the cleaning process and it will be easier for you to remove those irritating stains!

4. Clean your kitchen

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Unsplash/ Christine Sandu Source: Unsplash/ Christine Sandu

Forget about chemical detergents, club soda can effectively clean your kitchen and it’s time you tried it! You can pour some club soda on your countertop or porcelain fixtures and wipe with a soft cloth. You can also clean the inside of your fridge by using a weak solution of club soda and a little bit of salt.

5. Oysters

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Unsplash/ Tommaso Cantelli Source: Unsplash/ Tommaso Cantelli

Do you find shucking oysters to be a daunting task? Not anymore! Try soaking them in club soda before you shuck and you will find it a lot easier do.

6. Blonde hair don’t care

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Unsplash/ Christian Bowen Source: Unsplash/ Christian Bowen

Does your hair turn greenish after a day in the pool? Don’t worry, just rinse them with club soda when you return home and it will be just fine!

7. Clean precious gems

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Unsplash/ Sabrinna Ringquist Source: Unsplash/ Sabrinna Ringquist

If your favorite piece of jewelry has lost its sheen, then you can restore it by soaking it in club soda overnight. It will be as good as new!

8. Tummy Ache

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Unsplash/ Christopher Campbell Source: Unsplash/ Christopher Campbell

If you have an upset stomach caused by indigestion or a hangover, then you can try some cold club soda with a dash of bitters. You’re welcome!

9. Mocktail

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Unsplash/ Paige Ledford Source: Unsplash/ Paige Ledford

If you want a drink but also want to avoid all the alcohol and calories of a “proper” cocktail, then you can try club soda with your favorite fruit juice. Stir well and enjoy!

10. No more pee stains

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Unsplash/ Alvan Nee Source: Unsplash/ Alvan Nee

Does your pet often have “small accidents” inside the house? Next time this happens, try cleaning the stain with club soda. This will help remove the urine stain more effectively and it will also work wonders with the smell!

11. Get rid of the rust

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Unsplash/ Hunter Haley Source: Unsplash/ Hunter Haley

If you want to make your rusty tools look good again, then all you have to do is pour club soda over them. You will then have perfectly clean tools again!

12. Say goodbye to fabric stains

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Unsplash/ Justine Camacho Source: Unsplash/ Justine Camacho

Pour some club soda on fabric stains and gently scrub them. Scrub more vigorously for more persistent stains on carpets.

13. Cast-iron cleanup

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Unsplash/ Mara Conan Design Source: Unsplash/ Mara Conan Design

Cast iron skillets can be a nightmare to clean. Next time you cook something in one of those, pour some club soda in it while it is still hot. The bubbles will help remove the grease from the bottom.

14. Cleaning mirrors

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Unsplash/ Suhyeon Choi Source: Unsplash/ Suhyeon Choi

Remember you could use club soda to clean your car windshield? This is quite similar. Use it to clean your mirrors too and they will be shinier than ever!

15. Clean car upholstery

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Unsplash/ Obi Onyeador Source: Unsplash/ Obi Onyeador

For persistent stains like vomit, you can spray some club soda on the stain, let it sit for half an hour and then scrub vigorously until it’s gone. You will never buy chemical detergents again!

16. No more frizzy hair

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Unsplash/ Paul Siewert Source: Unsplash/ Paul Siewert

Tired of trying to tame your frizzy hair? No worries! You can use club soda instead of conditioner; let it sit for a while, then rinse with water and style as usual!

17. Experiment

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Unsplash/ Erda Estremera Source: Unsplash/ Erda Estremera

If you have a child or if you’re babysitting, you can try this fancy experiment with them. Pour some club soda in a glass and then add in some raisins. You can observe them go up and down and it will be so much fun!

18. Scrambled eggs

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Unsplash/ Dane Deaner Source: Unsplash/ Dane Deaner

Who doesn’t love scrambled eggs for breakfast or brunch? Club soda can help you make them fluffier and enjoy them even more, so next time you make them replace milk or water with it and you won’t regret it!

19. Newspaper clippings

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Unsplash/ Utsav Srestha Source: Unsplash/ Utsav Srestha

Want to keep some newspaper clippings but are afraid that they will soon turn yellow or fade? Don’t worry! You can make a mixture of 4 cups club soda and 1 cup milk of magnesia and soak them overnight. You’ll be surprised at the results!

20. Stainless steel

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Unsplash/ Adam Dachis Source: Unsplash/ Adam Dachis

Safely and easily clean your stainless steel objects by spraying club soda on them and wiping with a soft cloth. Rinse with clean water and you’re good to go!

We are definitely going to try some of these hacks out- how about you?

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