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20 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Plastic Wrap

December 4th, 2018

Plastic wrap is great for sealing in freshness. We mostly use it to make our leftovers last but we’ve all used plastic wrap for something unconventional one time or another. You can get a lot of extra use out of plastic wrap if you know a few tips.

Here Are 20 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Plastic Wrap:

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1) DIY Fruit Trap

Place some sliced fruit in a cup. Cover with plastic wrap and poke holes in it. The flies will be able to get in but they won’t be able to get out.

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2) Use As Shelf Liner

Keep your refrigerator clean with plastic wrap. Line your refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap. Just pull them up and toss out when they get dirty.

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3) Marble Nail Polish

You don’t have to go to the salon to get a marbled look on your nails. You can use plastic wrap instead. Learn how here.

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4) Slow Ripening Process

Want your bananas to last? Wrap the ends in plastic wrap. This will slow down the ripening process.

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5) Prevent Freezer Burn

Freezer burned ice cream is gross. Stop the freezer burn with plastic wrap. Just place a sheet over the container before you put the lid back on.

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6) Dish Liner

Don’t want to wash your dishes? Line it with a piece of plastic wrap before you place food on it. Just toss out when you’re done eating. This is great for camping.

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7) Save Jewelry When Travelling

Don’t mess up your jewelry. Place it between two pieces of Press n’ Seal wrap. This way it won’t get tangled and ruined.

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8) Transport Drawers

Press’n Seal can also come in handy when you’re moving. Wrap it around items like drawer organizer for easy transport. It will keep the contents of your drawer in place.

9) A Clean Paint Job

Don’t make a mess when you paint. Use painter’s tape and plastic wrap to keep your surfaces clean. You can also cover your appliances with plastic wrap when painting. Toss when you’re done.

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10) Protect Electronics

Don’t let rain ruin your electronics. Wrap your cell phone in plastic wrap. This will allow you to go for that run in the rain without ruining your phone.

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11) Bundle Yard Tools

Here’s another plastic wrap moving tip. You can bundle your garden tools together with plastic wrap. This will hold them together tightly so you can transport them.

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12) Cover Your Mixer With Plastic Wrap

Baking can cause a real mess. A good way to prevent flour dust from getting everywhere is to use plastic wrap when you’re mixing. Just wrap the outside of mixer to keep your flour and other contents in your mixing bowl.

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13) Instant Travel Cup

Want to take that cup with you but don’t want to spill? You can turn any cup into a travel cup with plastic wrap. Just place some plastic wrap over your cup and poke a straw through the top.

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14) Travel Safely With Toiletries

Don’t let leaked toiletries ruin your travel plans. Cover your shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and face wash with a layer of plastic wrap before you put the cap on. This will prevent spills and leaks.

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15) Get Rid of Blackheads

Do you have stubborn blackheads? You can get rid of them with plastic wrap and petroleum jelly. Just check out the tutorial here.

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16) Paint Roller Cleanup

Have a paint job that’s going to last a few days? Wrap your rollers and paint brushes in plastic wrap at the end of that day. This will keep them from drying out and you won’t have to clean them up after every use.

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17) Prank Gift Wrap

Use plastic wrap to create a memorable holiday. Place presents in between a ridiculous amount of plastic wrap. Repeat until your great a giant ball.

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18) Keep Paint Fresh

Keep your paint fresh with plastic wrap. Cover the top of the can with a layer before you put the lid back on. This will prevent the paint from forming a skin and having dried paint from the lid fall into it.

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19) Fix Draft Windows

You can place wads of plastic wrap into cracks in your window or broken screens to keep the cold air out and bugs out. You can also cover the window in plastic wrap and secure with tape. Just remove when the cold season is over.

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20) Remove Sticky Labels

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Have a stubborn label or sticker you’d like to get rid of? You can remove that sticker and yucky residue with plastic wrap. Learn how here.

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