If you love to bake, you know that all your staples — flour, sugar, salt, and so on — take up a lot of room. Having bulky canisters and bags crowding your pantry isn’t the best way to store all that stuff. Thankfully, the internet has swooped in to provide 20 ways of organizing and storing bulky baking supplies.

And don’t think that organizing has to be expensive. Plenty of these hacks can be done with regular things you already have around your house! The only thing it takes is just a little bit of imagination. For the things that you can’t find in a regular household, take a quick trip to the Dollar Store to find the items to help you organize — all for just a few dollars.

At the end of the day, hacks are all about making your life easier. These definitely fit that description. They’re proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money getting your home in top shape.

As for baking, these hacks will make it simple and easy to make all your favorite things without a huge mess. So, grab your apron and a couple of command hooks and get organizing!