Whether you cook every day or only use the microwave occasionally, you probably know just how tricky it is to keep your kitchen organized. It isn’t just plates, cups, and utensils but also all those kitchen tools that you use on a regular (or maybe not-so-regular) basis. Pasta strainers, baking sheets, cheese graters, and rolling pins all take up a lot more space than you think. The same goes for all those things you break out once every couple of years (we’re looking at you, orange juicer).

Whether your cabinets are stocked to the brim with gadgets for every occasion or you still aren’t sure how to boil water, it’s extremely helpful to know how to organize what you have. Kitchen organization can be tricky. It takes a little bit of experience to figure out the best way to configure your cabinets.

But people with organized kitchens have something special —a room where they can relax, spend time with family, and cook and eat delicious meals. Konmari is all the rage, so why not tackle those long-overdue kitchen drawers and cabinets with these 25 trendy hacks?