Most of us keep a bottle of bleach in the house. You might use it occasionally to do laundry, but did you know there are plenty of other uses for bleach? It’s a powerful cleaning chemical with dozens of uses.

Some people are afraid to use bleach because they think it can cause damage or be too strong for certain things. While it is important to use bleach with caution, it can be diluted so it is safe for most surfaces and fabrics.

Bleach can come in handy when you really want to disinfect or clean something. It can remove dirt and grime that has been accumulating for a while, and it can whiten whites. It really can come in handy for all of your household chores.

Here are 35 ways you can use bleach. You might already be using it for some of these chores, but you may be surprised that you can use it for so many others. This list might change the way you look at bleach.