It’s not hard to see why the DIY movement continues to grow and grow. People love the chance to save money, live more sustainably, and use their creativity — all while making their home look great.

It’s also no surprise that DIY projects are super popular with millennials, a generation known for being poorer than their parents and more passionate about the environment. Why wouldn’t they love ways to decorate their home and fix their things without spending a lot of money?

One of the most versatile tools to help on your DIY quest is a hot glue gun. You can find this handy tool at almost any craft store for pretty cheap, and it can help you with tons of stuff around the house. From upcycling furniture to hanging pictures, there’s little that hot glue can’t do.

Your dad might have said that duct tape was the best tool ever, but we’re going to challenge him on that. Hot glue is discreet and holds as well as duct tape in many cases — and sometimes, even better!

If you love DIY hacks, upcycling, saving money, and being creative, you’ll love these 40 ways to use a glue gun in your home.