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When you think of flower pots and planters, the first thing that comes to mind are flowers in the garden, on the patio, or on a porch. Believe it or not, planters and flower pots have many more uses outside of simply holding plants. Crafty people have turned them into useful items around the house.

Some of the remarkable things you can make out of flower pots include holders for various items in your home, unique pieces of furniture, and new ways to serve food at your next dinner party. You can also use planters for a variety of new, and seldom thought of, uses, including as a drink cooler.

While you might think that you are not handy enough to make any of these projects a reality, most of them take little more than some paint, glue, and a little know-how. So, break out your glue gun, stir up your paint, and prepare to craft a variety of useful items using flower pots and planters around your home.