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7 things you should only microwave if you like kitchen disasters

June 25th, 2021

We hope it goes without saying that things like styrofoam and tin foil don’t belong in the microwave. But kitchen disasters happen every day when people put in items that either melt or explode.

Unless you enjoy things like microwave shopping and kitchen fires, we’d recommend staying away from nuking the following things:

1. Hard-boiled eggs

We didn’t realize people heated up their hard-boiled eggs. But this photo proves they do.

And we get it to some extent – maybe you think that yoke will get nice and toasty again. But now you know it’ll just explode.

2. Brown paper bags

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Enjoy kitchen fires? Then nuke bags all you want. But most of us don’t want to have to get out the fire extinguisher and buy a new microwave, so we don’t put brown paper bags in there.

3. Sauce or dip without a cover

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Just face it, you’re never going to get to it in time. It’s going to explode all over your microwave, even if you put a paper towel on top.

It’s better to just put a lid on (loose and askew) and check and stir every 5-10 seconds (or just put it in a darn pan!).

4. Grapes

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Ok, now you’re just asking for it. No one needs warm grapes.

And while we understand that fireballs are cool, your kitchen is the last place you want one.

5. Recycled plastic containers from yogurt, etc.

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If you enjoy your food full of toxins and breathe deep at the smell of burning plastic, then go ahead and nuke those thin plastic containers.

But if you’re not into unhealthy air quality and ruined food, just use a plate or microwavable Tupperware. Recycling is nice, but you need to transfer your food to something microwave-safe.

6. Chinese take-out containers

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Flickr - Gabriel Saldana Source: Flickr - Gabriel Saldana

Sure, some paper and containers are ok in the microwave, but you have to be careful when reheating your take-out.

Be sure to remove the little metal handle before putting it in the microwave, otherwise, you’re going to see sparks (in the bad way).

7. Nothing

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There’s really no reason to run your microwave without anything in it. But who knows what motivates people to try weird things.

If there’s nothing to absorb the microwaves, the magnetron (which makes the microwave function) will absorb the microwaves and basically self-destruct.

Ready to see some microwave disasters? Scroll down below to see what happens when you microwave the wrong things.

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Source: The AJC, Whirlpool

Cover photo: Flickr – Luke Andrews