If you use the internet at all, you probably know what a life hack is by now. Life hacks are tips that supposedly make your life easier. While not every hack you’ll find online is good, hundreds of them make us wonder how we’ve lived without them.

The whole point of life hacks is to simplify life. These changes can lead to drastic improvements. Now, while they’re supposed to be easy, they don’t work for everyone. But most of them do, and those are frankly genius.

So, it’s not surprising you can find entire blogs, websites, and social media pages dedicated to sharing life hacks. You’ll even discover television shows streaming on cable channels that focus on these humble but radical hacks. It’s no wonder we just can’t get enough of them.

That’s the wonderful thing about the internet. It lets people from all over the world share the tips and tricks they’ve used to make their lives a little easier. And that helps us make our lives easier, too. Now THAT’S a hack.

Here are 75 hacks that’ll change your life in just a few simple steps.