At the risk of sounding negative, let’s just go ahead and admit that life is hard. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, but there are a lot of challenges! There are big ones, like managing relationships, learning new things, and overcoming difficulties. And then there are small, everyday ones, like trying to figure out how the heck to store the lids of your cooking pots.

That’s where life hacks come into play. It’s been a popular internet trend for a decade and a half. The term “lifehack” was first used in 2004 in relation to ways that computer programmers manage to bypass annoying or time-consuming programming steps. In 2005, the word lifehack was voted the second-most useful word of the year, just behind the word podcast.

Nowadays, the term refers to anything that, well, makes your life easier. This could be something that helps get around all the little daily challenges and frustrations we all have. Whether it’s how to paint your nails without having the polish run or making a grilled cheese sandwich in a toaster, life hacks are all about making your life better.

And everyone wants to make their life better, so settle in and read the 75 life hacks that everyone should know.