People seem to have a lot of opinions about women’s hair, and frankly, they always have. Back in the 1920s, they disapproved of bobbed cuts. Then in the 1950s, they frowned upon long hair. But you know what? Cut and style your hair any way you want, that’s what hair is all about — choosing a style that’s totally and uniquely you.

And honestly, they say that everyone should cut their hair short at least once in their life. Whether or not you agree, you’ve probably done it yourself at some point.

There are tons of great things about short haircuts. They don’t require a lot of maintenance. They can be dressed up or down. They keep your head feeling light. And of course, they look super trendy.

Here are 75 women who made dramatic changes to their hair by cutting it all off. Just be warned: if you have long hair, you might feel the urge to schedule an appointment at a salon.