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8 Genius Ways To Save Money On A Wedding

June 18th, 2018

A wedding is a special and life-changing event. But the cost of a wedding can sometimes put a damper on the celebratory spirit. Luckily, you can save some cash by performing a few of the tasks associated with a wedding yourself. All you need is a little time and the materials to bring it all together.

Check out these creative wedding shortcuts to reduce stress and save money.

DIY Photographs

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A photo booth is a great way to provide awesome memories for both you and your guests. To save on the cost of such a setup, make any props yourself. Props for the photo booth can ranges from cutout cardboard glasses to fake mustaches. Performing this task yourself saves you from having to buy expensive props or hire someone for the task.

DIY Invitations

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DIY Experience Source: DIY Experience

Another area where you can save some money is the wedding invitations you send to your guests. You could pay for professionally done invitations, but why not make your own? This gives the invitations you send a more personable feel, and it allows you to theme them perfectly for your wedding.

DIY Flowers

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If you have a decorator’s eye, then arrange the flowers for your wedding yourself, including buying the materials and putting together all of the boutonnieres for the wedding party. While you’ll need to take some time to do this, it does allow you to save money by avoiding having to hire a professional florist to do the job.

DIY Centerpieces

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Ideal Me Source: Ideal Me

Another money-saving idea is in the centerpieces you use for each table. Better yet, use larger tables so that you don’t have to make as many centerpieces. If you do decide to make centerpieces, use cheaper materials, including tea lights, mason jars, or other items geared toward your wedding’s theme.

Make Your Own Food

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Cute Wedding Ideas Source: Cute Wedding Ideas

You can also prepare all of the food for the reception following the wedding. Rather than hire an expensive caterer, recruit family and friends to help with this task. Just keep in mind that food preparation can take a significant amount of time, so plan accordingly.

Make Your Own Wedding Cake

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Kitchen Stories Source: Kitchen Stories

Making your own wedding cake can save you money, but make sure you know how to make one before taking on this monumental task. Even if you decide to choose a pre-made cake, be prepared for a stressful decision and the expense involved. To prepare a cake yourself, look up online tutorials for assistance.

DIY Wedding Favors

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The Crafty Crabs Source: The Crafty Crabs

Get creative when making favors for your guests to take with them once your wedding and reception are over. Wedding favor ideas that are easy to do yourself include buying small candy treats or making baked goods. You can even place the guest’s name on the favor and have it double as a place card for seating.

Make Your Own Wedding Dress

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Making your own wedding dress is a truly big task that can save you a lot of money. Granted, to do this task you do need the ability to use a sewing machine, or at least know how to sew. This task can also be very time consuming, especially for more intricate designs, so schedule your wedding to account for this.

In addition to its status as a big life change, a wedding can also get expensive, especially if you go all out on decorations, flowers, food, and the wedding dress. For brides, grooms, or relatives of the wedding party who have the time to do so, performing the above tasks themselves can save money on a wedding.

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