9 Brilliant Ways To Reuse, Recycle, And Upcycle Old Car Tires

March 30th, 2018

If you drive a vehicle, it’s important to make sure that your tires are in tip-top shape and have enough tread to keep you safe while on the road. However, once that tread wears down and your tires need to be replaced – make sure you hang onto your old ones!

Don’t let your old car tires end up in the dump, put them to good use with these 9 creative ideas and projects instead.

From yard decor to doggy beds – who knew tires were so fun and versatile?

1. Make a DIY patio table

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Madcap Frenzy Source: Madcap Frenzy

Does your deck or patio need a fun makeover? Try this fun project by Madcap Frenzy. All you need to do is paint two car tires a bright, vivid color of your choice. Once dry, stack them and place a round piece of glass on top. So simple, so easy, so cute!

2. Old tire sandbox

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I Heart Naptime Source: I Heart Naptime

Believe it or not, this project cost blogger, Raise a Boy, just $21.53 to complete. No kidding! This project will require a large, old tractor tire, a pool noodle, sand, and a few other supplies and tools. Head over to I Heart Naptime for the step-by-step tutorial.

3. DIY hose caddy

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Root Simple Source: Root Simple

This is such an easy project to do and it will keep you from tripping on that hose in your backyard. You’ll need an old tire, access to a sabre saw (although a sharp knife will work too), and a power drill. Just cut the ‘top’ off the tire using the saw, drill some holes on the ‘bottom’ for drainage, and pack away your hose!

4. Recycled tire dog bed

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Practically Functional Source: Practically Functional

How adorable is this simple project? Just paint an old car tire a color that matches your pup’s personality, throw in a comfy cushion or some blankets, and you’ll have one happy fur baby.

5. Tire rope ottoman

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Handimania Source: Handimania

Handimania created this beautiful DIY project using an old tire, rope or twisted cord, and a few other pieces of material. Your guests will never know that this stunning ottoman wasn’t a purchase from Pottery Barn. Handimania has the full, detailed tutorial.

6. Super simple tire swing

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Ella Claire Source: Ella Claire

When you get new tires, most places will let you take used tires with you – they often have a large pile of them to choose from. Grab an old tire and transform it into a fun tire swing in your yard. Ella Claire Inspired’s blogger spray painted a tire a soft blue and used a clove hitch knot to tie it to a sturdy branch. For the full instructions – visit her blog.

7. Oversize Christmas ornament lawn decor

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Addicted 2 DIY Source: Addicted 2 DIY

This adorable DIY project will make your front yard the envy of your neighbors during the holidays. If you’re up for a fun weekend craft session, head over to the Addicted 2 DIY blog to find out how she created these festive decorations.

8. Old tire garden stool

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DIY Enthusiasts Source: DIY Enthusiasts

For this DIY project, you’ll need to head to the hardware store for a few supplies, but it’s so worth the effort! DIY Enthusiasts came up with this creative garden stool – a comfy seat for you while you’re planting your plants and veggies.

9. Hanging tire planter

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DIY Show Off Source: DIY Show Off

All you’ll need are five things for this project – an old tire, spray paint, potting soil, flowers, and fabric weed barrier. That’s it! Of course, you could throw in a garden gnome for good measure. DIY Show Off has a really easy tutorial for you to follow on their blog.

Source: DIY Everywhere