15 Ways to Repurpose a Dresser

January 29th, 2018

If you’ve inherited some old furniture or are adding a new dresser to your home, there are lots of ways you can repurpose an old dresser to create some high-end looking pieces. Add style an organization to your home and save money by recreating some of these DIY designs that would cost you hundreds if you bought them in a store.

Here are 15 ways to repurpose a dresser:

1) Gaming Station

Create a place for your consoles, controllers, and games with an old dresser. Learn how to make a gaming station in the video below.

Source: Robin Johnson

2) Kitchen Island

You can customize your very own kitchen island by modifying an old dresser. You can find all different designs here.

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Answer Plane Source: Answer Plane

3) Console Table

Have a hallway table where you can get some extra storage and create a welcoming focal point when you enter your home.

Source: HGTV

4) Plastic Bin Organizer

You can use the shell of your dresser to create a shelf to organize your plastic bins.

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Sew Many Ways Source: Sew Many Ways

5) Apothecary Cabinet

This super cool apothecary cabinet was made from an old dresser drawer.

Source: The Daily DIYer

6) Doll House

This is an ingenious idea that creates an awesome looking dollhouse without spending a ton. You can also leave a drawer for dolls and accessories. You can find a few different ideas here.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

7) Wine Rack

The bottom drawers from this dresser were removed to make room for wine storage.

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Architecture and Designs Source: Architecture and Designs

8) Mud Room Storage

Place your old dresser in the mudroom where people can change their socks and store their shoes.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

9) Planter

This dresser was repainted and had a hole cut in the top to make room for a planter. The drawers are also used as planters. This would make a great focal piece in your garden.

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Addicted to Decorating Source: Addicted to Decorating

10) Closet Storage

Create more organization in your closets by placing an old dresser inside with or without the drawers.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

11) Bathroom Vanity

An old dresser can also be modified as a bathroom vanity.

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12) TV Stand

These old drawers look completely different as a TV stand. You can find the tutorial for this project here.

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Atthepark's Source: Atthepark's

13) Bench

This darling little bench was created from an old dresser. Learn how here.

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Chic Staging and Design Source: Chic Staging and Design

14) Tool Chest

Hide all your tools away in a neat cabinet by turning an old dresser into a tool chest. Get the instructions here.

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The Golden Sycamore Source: The Golden Sycamore

15) Bookcase

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

The shelves were removed from this dresser to create a fancy bookshelf.

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