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Experts rank the best antimicrobial touch free hand tool on the market to keep you germ-free

June 30th, 2020

No Touch, No Worries

The global pandemic known as COVID-19 has created mass hysteria when trying to mitigate chances in contracting the virus. Through research and testing, the leading medical departments around the world are urging the general community to practice clean, hygienic behavior that can help stop the spread of Coronavirus. Some of these practices include and are not limited to social distancing at least 6 feet in between people, proper and complete washing of the hands, and wearing masks that can help contain the spread of the virus.

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Let’s face it, it’s not always easy adhering to rules that we’re given, especially when it tries to invade in our personal lives and more directly in our breathing space. However, we live in a time where technology and modern innovations have made it easy for us to use tools that can help us improve our way of life.

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While some of us have been doing a great job utilizing our resources like masks and gloves to stay healthy and clean, manufacturers have come up with additional ways to mitigate the spread of germs while out in public. Recently, manufacturers introduced a number of touch free hand tools to help people open doors, press buttons, and avoid any other contact with other surfaces. One solution that has been put on the table is a small, often-hooked piece of metal, plastic, or wood that can essentially open doors or push buttons if used correctly.

These “cootie keys” or “hygiene hooks” come in very handy in preventing the spread of germs on surfaces that may keep the virus on its surface. The following list provides a small walkthrough for the best hygiene hooks on the market based on price, quality, and the guarantee of protection from infectious diseases like COVID-19.

1) Best Overall 100% Brass Hand Tool To Limit Germ Exposure: Scrubbd Hygiene Touch Tool $19.99

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Scrubbd Source: Scrubbd

After all of our research, this is the best brass hand tool, hands down. The most important feature (and one you should confirm with any hand tool you are considering purchasing) is that unlike other hand tools, it is 100% brass – some other competitors contain a mix of other kinds of metals where the virus can actually still exist for multiple days. It is a bit more expensive than other options, but with something as serious as protecting your health, we think the extra few bucks is more than worth it.

In addition, we found that the metal ‘hook’ was the easiest to use when opening doors when compared to other products. Our theory is that the angle of the tool, slightly below 90 degrees, makes it inherently a bit easier to open doors and is subject to less slipping.

You’ll also notice that the front end of the tool protrudes out, more so than various other tools (like the peel). This makes Scrubbd more functional. As a bonus you can use it to interact with touch screen surfaces as well. We wouldn’t recommend using this on your phone screen, but it is useful for ATM or POS screens.

We also think the bottle opener is a nice, functional, touch – although we wouldn’t recommend using it to open your bottles right after you’ve been out using it to touch surfaces and open doors! And finally, we just thought this one looked the best. It is definitely a matter of preference, but somehow this one just looked the best on our keychain.

2) Best Looking: Brass Keychain Touch Tool $35

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Peel Source: Peel

This useful tool is our most aesthetically pleasing tool on our list. The hook is ideal for door handles, doorknobs, drawer pulls. The finger slot doubles as a bottle opener and it is made from brass, although not 100% of the material is made from brass. This tool is sure to keep your hands clean of any germs from any surface.

3) Most Utilitarian: Kooty Key Germ Utility Hook Tool $13

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Kooty Key Source: Kooty Key

This keychain and bag compatible tool is made from plastic that denies bacterial colonization on its surface. The design is incredibly lightweight and allows you to apply pressure with two fingers or you can even carry a good amount of weight if you decide to place the hook on the handles of a bag.

4) Best On A Budget: Jingolden Non-Contact Door Opener $9

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Jingolden Source: Jingolden

This option starts off an affordable $9 on the market, but don’t underestimate its use. It’s a robust design that lacks the finger point and small curve on the tip to help prevent slipping, but if you are looking for an inexpensive non-touch tool, then this would be the best option on the market for its price point. It’s made with 70% copper and 30% zinc, therefore it should have an added resistance to germs and corrosion.

5) Affordable Aluminum Alloy Material: Hygiene Hand NonContact Stylus $12

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NZND Hygiene Hand Source: NZND Hygiene Hand

The Hygiene Hand NonContact Stylus retains a larger than average finger loop which will allow for a more comfortable experience when using more force in opening door knobs or handles. The door loop it comes equipped with was made larger to guarantee it will not slip during use. The tool also comes equipped with a stylus that is used for pushing most buttons.

6) Lightest To Carry: NZND Non-Contact Door Opener $11

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This tool, the NZND Non-Contact Door Opener, is a light, aluminium alloy constructed light tool that can be used like most other non-contact door openers. The light design allows it to handle as much force as possible for opening door handles and drawers. The curved hook gives the tool an edge because it can get a steady grip on any handle you’re tugging at or even whatever object needs to be turned to be accessed.

7) Best Copper Material: Antimicrobial Copper Door Opener $17

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CrystalStudioStore Source: CrystalStudioStore

This handmade copper tool is designed to give your tool a touch of fines. It is very convenient for fitting in tight spaces such as a pocket, purse, or even handbag. The tool is wonderfully crafted to resist long term manipulation and be kept durable for a very long time to come. It’s a little more pricy at $17, but the quality of the copper and the fact that it is handmade makes this option one to keep for many repetitive uses.

There you have it! These are some of the best non-contact door opening tools on the market. We hope you’ve narrowed your search in finding the one that best fits you. Always remember to stay safe and make the right choice for yourself and others! Happy handle twisting.

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