Has Your Baby Outgrown Their Crib? Here Are 15 Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose It

January 15th, 2018

Cribs can be pretty costly, but we can often get extra use out of them when we have additional children or when we pass them on to a relative or a neighbor. But if no one wants to take your used baby crib, think twice before tossing it to the curb for the garbage man.

There are plenty of really cools ways to reuse a crib. You can transform it into an entirely different piece of furniture for little or no cost.

Here are some ideas to get your inspiration flowing:

1) Storage Table

This old crib was topped with a piece of glass and had the side rail turned into a shelf to create a unique storage table.

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EcoGreenLove Source: EcoGreenLove

2) Hanging Swing

Something like would cost hundreds of dollars at the store but you could easily make one on your own buy finding some of these heavy duty chains and hooks. All they did was remove one side of the crib and toss some cushions on it.

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Southern Hospitality Source: Southern Hospitality

3) Play Table

This table had one of the sides taken off and was given a coat of chalkboard paint. Now it’s an adorable play table where kids can do crafts.

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A Little Learning For Two Source: A Little Learning For Two

4) Laundry Rack

The rails were taken from the crib and rearranged to create this cool laundry rack.

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Idea Designs Casa Source: Idea Designs Casa

5) Craft Organizer

The rails on this crib were spared to create a craft organizer.

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Crafty Nest Source: Crafty Nest

6) Message Board

This cool message board was once a springboard from an old crib. The ends were just upholstered and some clips were added to attach the photos.

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The Handmade Home Source: The Handmade Home

7) Sofa

The side was taken off of this crib and some cushions were added to make this cozy little children’s sofa.

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Needlework Inspiration Source: Needlework Inspiration

8) Reading Nook

Your kids will love having a magical place to hide away and read in this adorable little nook. It’s just a crib placed upside down with one of its sides removed.

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Pinterest Source: Pinterest

9) Dining Cart

You can also modify a crib and turn it into this darling little dining cart which is perfect for entertaining guests at parties.

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Architecture Designs Source: Architecture Designs

10) China Rack

An old crib can also hold your old china with a few adjustments. Learn how to make one here.

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Someday Crafts Source: Someday Crafts

11) Jewelry Rack

You can also use the railing from an old crib to hang your jewelry from.

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Farm Girl Paints Source: Farm Girl Paints

12) Book Rack

This crib railing has some fabric attached to it and now it’s a cute book rack.

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Idea Design Casa Source: Idea Design Casa

13) Kitchen Rack

You can also use crib rails to hang your pots and pans from.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

14) Chalkboard Stand

What do you get when you take the ends of a crib, add some new hinges, and include a new coat of chalkboard paint?

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Idea Design Casa Source: Idea Design Casa

15) Wagon

This crib base got some new wheels and was turned into a wagon. Learn how it was done here.

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Tidbits Source: Tidbits

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