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Make This Beautiful Flower Tower For Your Yard
Jenny Brown

Using just a few materials, Dan from LiveDan330 will show you how to create a beautiful flower tower that is perfect for your yard. It’s charming, inviting, and gorgeous.

This project requires a few materials:

  • large pot with gravel
  • wire fencing
  • drainage tile
  • potting soil
  • brown tarp with plastic tie straps
  • your favorite flowers

First, cut the wire fencing to form a tower frame. This will sit in the pot.


Next, cut the drainage tile and stretch it from the bottom of the tower to the top. Use duct tape to seal off the bottom. This will enable it to hold water.


Place the drainage tile in the middle of the tower frame. Add gravel to the pot to secure it in place. Be sure to fill this drainage tile with water ever 3 to 4 days.


Cut the brown tarp to fit inside the tower. It’s job is to hold the potting soil. Use the plastic tie strips to hold the tarp in place. Finally, pack the potting soil inside and fill it to the top of the tower.


Now it’s time to plant your favorite flowers. Cut a T-shape in the tarp. This is where you’ll plant your flowers. Poke a hold through to the drainage tower so each flower has access to water. Make sure you space out your flowers around the tower so it has ample space to grow.


Once the flower grow and bloom, it will surely be a sight to behold.


This flower tower is a great addition to any home!


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[Source: LiveDand330]