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Benefits Of Drinking Ginger Water
Spencer Carney

Ginger is not just something to be pickled and served with sushi, and it is definitely not only associated with a not-to-be-named carbonated drink. Ginger has been around for many centuries with origins in Asia, and though ginger is a plant, it is actually its rhizome or large root that we humans have an interest in!


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Ginger has long been used to treat nausea!

Often used to aid in dealing with sea-sickness, ginger has been settling stomachs for quite a while now! Particularly, ginger is popular among pregnant mothers who deal with morning sickness, and even cancer patients who suffer from chemotherapy induced nausea!

In fact, ginger is able to aid in all symptoms associated with nausea as well such as dizziness and vomiting. Thus, those who suffer from heartburn and stomach issues would especially benefit from drinking ginger water!


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Ginger can give you control over your appetite and help you slim down!

Take a leap towards your health goals by using ginger water to curb your appetite, and slim your waistline in the process! A sort of domino affect occurs via the consumption of ginger because not only does it allow your body to process fat better, but it also may help you feel fuller for longer which in turn helps you to eat less!

Ginger is a great food for weight-loss because it is actually considered a “thermogenic” food, one that raises the body temperature and gets your metabolism revving!


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This is interesting because when you drink cold water, which to make ginger water you will be doing, you are already shocking the system and asking it to raise its body temperature; so in affect by adding ginger you are amplifying this effect and keeping your body in a calorie burning state!

Ginger can help you lower your cholesterol!

Ginger targets hepatic and serum cholesterol levels, and lowers them! These particular cholesterols are quite harmful and register you at a higher body mass index which can lead to other health problems including heart disease.

Ginger also acts as a natural blood thinner and reduces blood pressure, therefore word of caution to those on blood pressure medication already!


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Alright, so what exactly is “Ginger Water”? (The How To)

The idea of ginger water is to combine the health effects of drinking cold water, and the health effects of eating ginger into one! It is actually quite simple to make, and can be made ahead of time!


As much ginger as you’d like (depending on how strong you like it, and how much you want to make at one time)

Fresh water (enough to fill your chosen pot to boil your ginger in)

Step 1) Simply boil fresh ginger, that you have cut into slices, in a pot. Wait until you see the water has changed color and a strong fragrance is emanating from the pot.

Step 2) After turning off the stove you then can strain your hot ginger water through a cheese cloth or tea diffuser into your chosen storage vessel, perhaps a carafe like for lemonade, and chill over night!

Step 3) To enjoy your chilled ginger water in the morning to start off your day, or any time of day!

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