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Binder Clip Tricks That Will Make Everyday Life So Much Easier
Binder clips are far more useful than we think
Jenny Brown

Binder clips are a mainstay for any office desk or workspace. They are very resourceful for organizing and holding papers together.


But did you know they are even more useful beyond the workspace? It turns out that binder clips don’t just organize your office, but they organize other areas of your life as well.

Build Your Own Storage Space

Use binder clips to keep storage boxes and shelves in place. Stack storage boxes on top of each other in a creative fashion to create a unique storage space for your home.


Name Plate

Decorate a binder clip using washi tape and add cardstock to it to create a nice name card for a formal occasion.


Help Dry Sponges

Use a binder clip to prop your kitchen sponge up. Sponges dry faster if they are upright, and it also helps prevent mold.


Maximize Toothpaste

Use a binder clip to squeeze every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube.


Stack Bottles In The Fridge

Clip two binder clips on the rack of a fridge to prevent bottles from rolling around.

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Personalized Label Tags

Clip a binder clip to the side of a book, photo album, or folder to hold a custom label in place. This helps you organize such items on a shelf!


Headphone Holder

Take a large binder clip and twist a rubber band around the metal clasp. Then, use a thumbtack to hang it on a wall. Now, you can store your headphones in an organized fashion when you’re not using it.


Frameless Photos

Who needs a photo frame when you have binder clips? Create a simple, chic look by using binder clips to hold up photos.


No One Likes Tangled Earbuds

Earbuds can easily tangle, which can be a huge pain to deal with. Instead, use a binder clip to keep the long wires organized.


Keep Earbuds In Your Ear

Do your earbuds like to fall out easily? I know mine do when I’m at the gym, but I’ve learned to use a binder clip to solve that.

Clip the binder clip to the neck hem around your shirt, and use it to secure your earbuds.


Cord Organization

Keep cables and cords around your office organized by slipping them through binder clips that are attached to the side of your desk.


Makeshift Clipboard

Why buy a clipboard, when you can make your own? Using firm cardboard, wrapping paper, washi tape, ModPodge/glue, large binder clip, and clear tape, you can create a custom cupboard.


Organize Napkins

Use binder clips to keep your assortment of napkins organized and sorted.


Jewelry Organization

Keep your jewelry nice and tidy while you travel by using binder clips. Attach the clip to the inside of a travel bag, and clip on your accessories.


Yarn Bowl

Place a spool of yarn inside a bowl and thread an end through a binder clip. This makes sewing or knitting so much easier!



If you want to just travel with cash and a key, then take a binder clip with you.


Razor Protector

Use a binder clip to protect yourself from the razor blade.


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