Chip and Joanna Gaines announce ‘Fixer Upper’ will be back but it won’t be on HGTV

August 10th, 2020

Fixer Upper was one of the most addictive home renovation reality shows of all time. After running for 5 seasons on HGTV, it seemed that the series had finally come to an end… but thankfully not!

Hosted by married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines, the show had its official “last season” in November 2017, and fans were sad to see it go.

There was so much love and respect for Chip and Joanna’s work that they decided to set up Magnolia Network, a collaboration with Discovery, who owns HGTV. The network will replace the DIY Network, which will be completely rebranded to suit the couples’ image.

The network had official plans to launch in the fall, but has now been pushed back to next year. Meanwhile, the pair have been keeping busy sharing updates to their social media accounts, making us all jealous of their farm living with photos of sunsets, delicious home-grown food, and sneak peaks of the inside and the outside of their home.

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A walk on the wild side 🤍

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Little did anyone know that there has been even more exciting planning behind the scenes, which Chip Tweeted about on Tuesday.

He wrote:

“Everybody knows.. #fixerUpper is where we’ve been and @magnolianetwork is where we’re going! But what if we tied both together as a tribute to this new journey — for old times’ sake.

“Fixer Upper: meet Magnolia Network. Magnolia Network: meet Fixer Upper! Feels pretty good to me.”

In the video, Chip and Joanna are driving through the countryside on what seems like a pretty normal road trip. But then Joanna mentions that she noticed Chip had put his hammer and tool belt in the back of the car. She asks him, “What’s that about?” and Chip says it was “just in case”.

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But then Chip admits that actually, he has a surprise for Joanna. He pulls op outside a house, then leads Joanna up the drive, telling her not to look.

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He then makes his big reveal, showing her the house and telling her that he’s signed them up for another season of Fixer Upper.

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The writing on the screen confirms that Chip is telling the truth: a new season of Fixer Upper will be coming on Magnolia Network in 2021.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the pair said in a statement:

“We’ve missed sharing the stories of these families and their homes with you, and we’re excited to do that again very soon!”

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Fans couldn’t be happier that the popular couple have brought back their show, with hundreds of people commenting on the announcements on both Chip and Joanna’s Instagram accounts to express their excitement. One person wrote:

“So excited!!! We were hoping you & Jo would decide to more episodes of Fixer Upper. As much as we love HGTV no show can come close to #fixerupper”

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Someone else said that this was the best news all year, and another person added that it was a sign that 2021 would be back to normal.

After such a difficult 2020, hearing something as trivial as news that your favorite TV show is back on air really does have a hugely positive effect. We wish Chip and Joanna all the best with their new (old) venture, and we’ll certainly be tuning in for the new season in 2021.

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