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Mom buys cinder blocks and uses them in ways I never thought of. Here are 15 stunning ideas

January 22nd, 2018

Though cinder blocks may seem unsightly, there are actually lots of useful ways you can repurpose them to bring beauty and function to your home. If you have some hanging around your basement or shed, you’re in luck.

Here are 15 of our favorite DIY cinder block ideas.

Outdoor Staircase

Stack and scale cinder blocks to create a beautiful outdoor staircase.

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The Figure 5 Source: The Figure 5

Entertainment Center

How cool is this!?! You can create the ultimate entertainment center with a bunch of cinder blocks.

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Parka Avenue Source: Parka Avenue

Outdoor Bench

Some cinder blocks, pieces of wood, and some pillow can come together to make an adorable patio bench.

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decoist Source: decoist

Garden Planters

Create a fantasy garden in your very own home with cinder blocks.

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The Sacramento Rose Source: The Sacramento Rose

Bedside Table

Have you been looking for a bedside table? Grab three cinder blocks and you’re done!

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Dwell Source: Dwell

Bed Foundation With Storage

Cinder blocks create a sturdy foundation for your bed while offering under the bed storage.

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Design Tripper Source: Design Tripper

Fire Pit

Grab your friends and some marshmallows and build yourself a cozy fire in this cinder block fire pit.

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Must Add Fabric Softner Source: Must Add Fabric Softner

Colorful Backyard Furniture

You can even paint your cinder blocks to add a pop of color to your backyard with some fancy furniture.

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It's Sunny in My Soul Source: It's Sunny in My Soul

Futon with Cubbie Space

All you need is a cozy cushion and some cinder blocks to create this super cute piece in your home.

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Claudio Paguiar Source: Claudio Paguiar


Make any awesome book shelf with some plywood and two cinder blocks.

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New Zealand Design Blog Source: New Zealand Design Blog

Outdoor Wall

If you’re looking for a little bit more privacy, you can build a wall with cinder blocks. You can even lay some horizontally to add a planter.


Planter Table

You can even use the same method to create a table with planters.

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Design Sponge Source: Design Sponge

Pyramid Garden

You can arrange cinder blocks in a way that creates a pyramid shaped garden.

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NewsLinQ Source: NewsLinQ

Outdoor Buffet

Make your backyard party central with this outdoor buffet that couldn’t be simpler to make.

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Better Homes &Gardens Source: Better Homes &Gardens

Outdoor Seating

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ispaci Source: ispaci

You always have enough seating for your family and friends with these cinder block benches.

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