It’s not easy caring for your living space. There’s one rule after another for different situations. Not to mention, the countless videos claiming one cleaning product will do it all. Truthfully it can feel ovewhelming!

To add it it, some things we do around our home can actually cause more harm than good, especially for our enviroment. To start with!

Leaky faucets can quickly lead to some serious issues

One of the major reasons faucet leak is rust. Although faucets can handle water, the constant contact with moisture will eventually lead to wearing down faster and becoming rusty. Plus the mold and mildew, because of the constant exposure to water, can cause even more problems at home.

But what can we do? We have to use the faucet. We just need to be aware and fix the problem once it shows.

What are the other habits we regularly practice that can still affect our eco-friendly homes? Continue reading to find out!