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10 Camping Hacks That Everyone Can Benefit From

April 3rd, 2018

Spring is the perfect time to take a camping trip when temperatures aren’t too high or too low. But “roughing it” in the wilderness isn’t for everyone.

You can make camping a much more comfortable experience knowing a few tricks.

Here are 10 clever camping hacks:

1) Lantern Hack

Need a little light? Strap a headlamp to a clear plastic water jug. It will have a lantern effect that will give off ambient lighting. You can also point a flashlight at it.

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2) Foam Floor

If you want some extra cushioning between your sleeping bag and the ground you can line the tent floor with yoga mats or foam floor tiles. They are very inexpensive. This allows you to sleep much more comfortably.

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A Little Campy Source: A Little Campy

3) Stuff Sack Pillow

Having to bring pillows camping can add a lot of bulk. Use a stuff sack filled with clothes instead. It minimizes the stuff you’ll have to haul with you and offers a comfortable place to rest your head.

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4) Protect Your TP

You don’t want toilet paper to get moist or dirty from the elements. Cut a slit into an old coffee can. Place your paper inside and pull the paper through the slit.

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5) Dry Wet Shoes

It’s so important to keep your feet dry. There is a way to dry your shoes quicker when camping. Stuff your shoes with some newspaper or a piece of clothing to dry them out.

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REI Co-Op Source: REI Co-Op

6) Hand Washing Station

Camping doesn’t have to be a gritty and grimy experience. You can easily create a station where people can clean up. Fill a clean empty detergent bottle with water, attached some paper towels and wet naps and keep some hand sanitizer nearby.

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Too Much Time Source: Too Much Time

7) Bring The Crescent Rolls

Crescent rolls can be easily cooked with a stick over the fire. You can even wrap chocolate and marshmallow inside like a S’more. You can also put a hot dog inside.

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Instructables Source: Instructables

8) Sanitizing Fire Starter

Does your fire need an extra boost? Hand sanitizer can do the trick. Just squirt some on and let the alcohol boost your flames.

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REI Co-Op Source: REI Co-Op

9) Measure Your Eggs

Bringing a carton of eggs is such a pain. Crack your eggs ahead of time and store in an empty clear coffee creamer container. You can measure the eggs out in increments of two.

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Spaceships and Laser Beams Source: Spaceships and Laser Beams

10) Single Use Soaps

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A Subtle Revelry Source: A Subtle Revelry

Never waste a bar of soap again. Just make single-use pieces of soap. Just use a vegetable peeler to slice thin pieces of soap.

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Source: REI Co-op