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Clever Uses Of Hydrogen Peroxide You Didn't Know About

April 17th, 2016

Most people aren’t aware of the wonders of hydrogen peroxide. Although most people view hydrogen peroxide as solely an antiseptic, it has so many more uses besides that. Here’s a couple I thought were incredibly useful…

In your mouth

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If you want to whiten your teeth and remove stains, hydrogen peroxide might just what you need. Try mixing a solution that’s half water and half hydrogen peroxide, then gargle it after you brush your teeth. The antibacterial properties that exist in hydrogen peroxide will help kill bad breath and whiten your teeth!

On your linens

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Getting stains out of white towels or linens is tough. Well, don’t despair and try spraying a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on a fresh stain. Let it sit for a bit then add some dish soap. You’ll find that the stain should be completely gone after a wash!

On your fruits and vegetables

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Wash your fruit and vegetables in hydrogen peroxide if you want to get rid of any dirt or any other nasty chemicals that might exist on the surface.

In your potted plants

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If you feel like your potted plant is peaking, try pouring a bit of hydrogen peroxide on the wet soil after you water your plant.

The carbonated nature of hydrogen peroxide will help the soil in your potted plant breathe better and kill off any fungus that may exist.

On your blemishes

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Have blemishes on your skin? Hydrogen peroxide is a proven solution to help combat infection. Try dabbing hydrogen peroxide on pimples after washing your face. You’ll find that the blemish should heal in a day or two if you continually apply hydrogen peroxide after washing.

On your smelly shoes

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Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best odor killers out there. So it’s no secret that they’re a perfect solution if you have smelly shoes. And because hydrogen peroxide doesn’t contain any fragrances, you’re shoes will smell fresh and clean without any added smells!

On your feet

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You can have your very own spa day by adding hydrogen peroxide to a tub full of hot water. Hydrogen peroxide effectively kills bacteria that causes odor, which means the more hydrogen peroxide foot baths you take, the better!

In your ears


Have excess ear wax? You can get rid of it by using hydrogen peroxide. Adding hydrogen peroxide to your ear will bubble up and dirt and other things located near the surface of your ear and make it easy for you to extract.

To try this, put a cotton ball in your ear and then pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide into your ear using a funnel or pipette. One you hear and feel the fizzing in your ear, immediately tip your head to the other side. Please be careful when trying this, and don’t try it if you have or are recovering from an ear infection or a perforated ear drum.

What did you think? Would you try any of these uses of hydrogen peroxide? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!

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