Couple builds island tree house in forest overlooking the ocean and every detail is beautiful
I've never really seen myself as a treehouse person but this is one I could definitely live in. 😍
Elijah Chan

One of the best parts of being an adult is being a kid.

It may sound ironic but just imagine having the power to do what you’ve always wanted when you were younger.

A couple from Washington created something we could only dream of when were in grade school.

The grandest treehouse they could imagine.

From ocean to inland

Sitting nicely between five trees, the couple made a tree house in the middle of an island, complete with an ocean view.

We’re not just talking about a platform with old blankets being held up as a roof or walls.

We’re talking about the treehouse of our dreams/

Games, bed, and all the other amenities one will need for a long-term stay are included.

A PNW masterpiece

In the middle of the forest in Whidbey Island, Washington sits a house among the trees.

Max and Tatiana are fans of the great outdoors and they love staying in the middle of nature.

They were on a trip once and were looking for treehouses they could stay in.

The kind of house they were looking for was pretty sparse in their area, so the couple had an idea.

Tatiana said they looked at each other and decided from then on that they’d build a treehouse for them and their guests to stay in.

This was Max’s first project.

It was daunting at first but Max and Tatiana pooled a competent team and decided to push through.

They were thoughtful of the landscape

The house sits on metal braces that were drilled through the tree.

Max said that the procedure made sure that the trees will continue to live despite the galling hole.

He also assured that the methods they were using were not affecting the trees.

The interior of the house uses a lot of wooden accents.

The couple said they wanted to stay true to the natural beauty of the house’s surroundings.

The wood finish also helps set the mood that you’re indeed sleeping in a treehouse.

It has all the amentities

It has a living room that can transform into an extra bedroom, a bedroom loft, and a deck.

The deck has two seating areas and is overlooking the forest around the property.

The location is also perfect for those who want to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city as it can only be accessed via ferry.

It has a fully functioning kitchen.

It has a countertop, a full set of knives, an oven, an induction stove, and a sink.

You may be sleeping in the middle of the forest, but you can still make a gourmet meal.

Finally, it has one of the most important creature comfort – a bathroom.

While it may not be your five-star hotel bathroom with a bathtub, it can do exactly what you need it to do.

If you want to take a shower, you’ll have to march a few meters downhill to a large outhouse with two sinks.

One of the best parts about the house is its construction principle.

It’s a living house.

The couple built it in a way that the trees can grow around and with the house.

Even in its size, they made the structure blend seamlessly, not only physically but aesthetically with the things around it.

“Staying in a tree house for the first time was an experience that I had never had before,” Tatiana said in an interview with Tiny House Giant Journey, “We were amazed by just how you could be so at peace and be so up high and feeling like you’re just on top of the world.”

And people can experience that too with the couple’s treehouse in the middle of the woods.

Take a full tour of Max and Tatiana’s living treehouse in the video below!

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By Elijah Chan
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Elijah Chan is a contributor at SBLY Media.