Couple with zero experience build a shipping container home for just $20K
That view of the water they have is gorgeous!
Ma Fatima Garcia

Would you believe that a couple in their early twenties, with no experience with building homes, could build a 45-foot shipping container home, complete with amenities?

Seeing this gorgeous container fan located strategically in the 5-acre chunk on the Pend Oreille River of Washington State, you’d think that experienced people made it possible, but that’s not the case here.

Meet Matt and Paiton, a lovely couple who decided they could live the life they love while saving for their future.

Paiton and her boyfriend, Matt, sold their schoolie van and bought a shipping container last August 2019. They later moved in last April 2020.

The couple built their lovely container van home in less than a year, only working on weekends or if they have time after work.

According to Paiton, they spent roughly 20K dollars for everything, including all the amenities and furniture.

They made it possible by sourcing second-hand finds and reclaimed wood.

Imagine waking up and enjoying a thousand feet of river frontage. In fact, according to the couple, the view is their favorite part.

The view, where their home is situated, is breathtaking.

Upon entering their home, you would be greeted by their spacious kitchen, which has second-hand cabinets.

Paiton loves how their cooktop induction can be stored in the drawer, allowing them to use the space.

According to them, they wanted to focus on the little things that add value to their space. Minor adjustments could make your home more functional.

They have a full-size fridge because they want to store food for a month. That way, they won’t have to go to the grocery store every now and then.

One thing that you would notice in their home is how the house has this cabin feel, but with a modern twist.

They also have an island that serves as their working space, and a table for eating and they also fold their laundry there, the washing and drying rest underneath the island.

They paired it with two black bar stools.

On the right side of their home is a big L-shaped couch from Ikea that doubles as a guest bed for two.

They also have a sliding barn door going to their bedroom and bathroom.

Their bathroom is spacious, complete with drawers, a hamper, and a shower that they built for only $50.

You will also see floating shelves for all their towels and accessories.

Paiton and Matt also showed their electrical closet where they store their electrical equipment. It is also home to their mops, brooms, and all those things that you don’t want people to see.

Then, their bedroom has a vast window where you will see the beautiful scenery. Not just that, they each have their own closet.

A portable AC unit is also in place.

There is also a 3×12 roof, and the slanted design allows all the snow to be shed off.

Living in this area allowed the young couple to be independent. When a tree falls, they have to remove it, but overall, they are thrilled and fulfilled.

“This build was super fun for me and Paiton. We learned a lot throughout the whole build. Through trial and error most of the time but it brought us closer together and you definitely have a better appreciation for the space you live in when you put so much time and effort into building it,” Matt shared.

Watch the beautiful masterpiece of Matt and Paiton here, and follow them on their Instagram account here.

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