Couple buy school bus for $7,500 then turn it into the coolest home on wheels

March 30th, 2021

Christine Saldana and Kathy Mariscal are like any other couple.

They also wanted a home to call their own. But, unlike others, this couple is not exactly looking for a place to build their house. They were looking for places where they can bring their house to.

Wait, what?

Yup, they don’t live in a regular house.

In fact, their home is not a house, but an old school bus they bought for $7,500 and transformed it into a house on wheels for an additional cost of $42,500.

The house on wheels is a 298 square feet humble abode that this couple is very, very proud of.

Christine and Kathy bought the 1988 Crown Coach school bus and hoped to renovate it into a liveable space. You might think traveling is the main reason why this couple decided to build such an unorthodox home. However, the actual reason is that they are looking into more budget-friendly ways to enjoy a nice home.

The Californian couple wanted to get married, but they also knew that a wedding and living in the Los Angeles area don’t come cheap.

Instead of living in their apartments which both incur monthly rent of $4,500, they thought of buying an old school bus that costs only $7,500. They decided to call it “Adelita”, and they were determined to transform it into a cozy, comfortable, and nice living space.

The couple had to spend $42,500 more in the renovation costs, making the total cost of their home $50,000. Luckily, the couple has a family member who owns a furniture business, making it easy for them to find the most perfect pieces for their humble abode.

After careful planning and with the help of professionals, the couple ultimately built a home on wheels with a living area, a kitchen, a baby area, a closet, a bedroom, and a bathroom. Electricity and water were also available.

The living room is a huge space that guests will surely love.

The home on wheels also has a dining room where the couple would eat and enjoy meals while looking out the window of their home. So cozy, indeed.

The kitchen area is right next to the dining table and driver’s area. It is a wide space and a place where Christine and Kathy can cook sumptuous meals together.

Their rest room is as comfortable as that of any other home, too.

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And the bed? It’s a dreamy place that anybody would love to stay in.

Now, the average price of a home in Los Angeles might reach up to half a million bucks. Considering that huge amount in comparison to the $50,000 they paid for the bus renovation, these ladies have definitely saved a lot!

You might be wondering if the bus actually runs. Well, it does.

In fact, the couple used it to travel to Houston, Texas for Kathy’s job re-assignment during the pandemic. What a huge convenience, huh! Currently, the couple lives at an RV park and pay only $800 a month. Wow!

Check out this amazing home on wheels and see more of its incredible beauty in the video below.

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Source: Instagram, Insider